The Top 5 Pinterest Tools to Power Up Your Pinterest Marketing

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My Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tools. The rise of Pinterest has spawned many tools, and services related to analytics, scheduling pins, and creating images. Many have come and gone, but the best are still going strong. Some of the tools are free, and others have different paid packages, to receive more advanced features. On this slideshow I will show you 5 essential tools that I think you need to explode your pinterest marketing, and also save you time! They will enable you to create fantastic images in minutes, analyse data to enable you to target content specifically for your customers, and save time, by scheduling your content. If you want to improve your pinterest marketing, then get my 4 Free Pinterest Marketing Reports. For more resources all about Pinterest Marketing, then visit my blog: Feel free to share this slideshow!


  • 1. Increases followers and engagement 1. Pinalerts Sends you email when someone has pinned from your website You can then focus on creating popular content
  • 2. Allows you to see the board description directly on the website 2. Pin Groupie Takes all the hassle out of locating those elusive group boards Allows you to search by category
  • 3. 3. Tailwind App Gives very detailed analytics data for Pinterest Identifies your most popular pins Discovers influential followers and engagement score Tracks the growth of your profile
  • 4. 4. Viraltag Schedules your pins Saves you time More people will see your pins, especially if you schedule for busy times. You can also schedule re-pins
  • 5. 5. Picmonkey Allows you to resize your images, overlay pictures with text, and create collages Creates great eye-catching images Very easy to use! Explore creative ways to turn product images, reviews, case studies and guides into great visual content.