Tips and Tools for Engaging Volunteers with Social Media

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Got Volunteers? Learn how to use popular social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube to recruit, manage and recognize volunteers for your organization. See fun examples and best-practice tools that make it easy to engage volunteers via social media.

Text of Tips and Tools for Engaging Volunteers with Social Media

  • #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot Boosting Volunteer Engagement with Social Media
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Meet the Presenter #SM4NPO Karen Bantuveris Founder & CEO @VolunteerSpot @VSpotMom
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Simple Steps. BIG Boost in Participation 3
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Fast, Easy Sign-ups and Scheduling FOR ANYONE ORGANIZING NO PASSWORDS FOR VOLUNTEERS!
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot SAVE TIME BOOST Volunteer Turnout REDUCE Leader Burnout BUILD Loyalty & Donors Why Leaders Luv VolunteerSpot 99% of Organizers 95% of Volunteers would refer VolunteerSpot to a friend or colleague.
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Thanks to Chris Jarvis, @RealizedWorth for sharing this model Journey of a Volunteer
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Thanks to Chris Jarvis, @RealizedWorth for sharing this model SOCIAL MEDIA ACCELERATES Journey of a Volunteer
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Personal Org /Foundation Social Media Pulse
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot SM Platform Overview Tips for Engaging Volunteers Helpful Tools Agenda
  • #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot Social Media Platform Overview
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Facebook & Twitter News and Educational Community-Interest Pieces Events Advocacy, Donation and Volunteer Links Legislative Updates Appreciation & Recognition (of Supporters & Sponsors) #UseHashtags Share/ RT/ Like
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Examples
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Vine & Instagram 1 Tell Stories Invite Testimonials Inspire Action Teach Thank Supporters Bronx Zoo: #BZSelfie #FearsvsDreams
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Boards speak to your Cause & your Supporters Highlight your Projects & Events Include Advocacy & Fundraising Links Recognize Volunteers, Sponsors & Partners Share, Follow, Repin Pinterest Board Tips
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Highlight hot items Show off games and booths Show where the money will go Showcase your theme Photos of invitation Include website link below pin Thanks to Sherry Truhlar of RedAppleAuctons for the great ideas! Pinterest for Fundraisers
  • #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot Tips for Engaging Volunteers
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot 1. Cultivate community 2. Onboard Quickly & Be Specific 3. Setup to Succeed 4. Measure & Share 5. Recognize Volunteers Tips for Engaging Volunteers
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Its like having a conversation! Listen Share Connect Inspire When we have calls-to-action, our community will be engaged. 1. Cultivate Community
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Listen Share Connect Inspire Action Building Trust and Action Credit
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Website Newsletters Emails Blogs Bring a Friend Corporate and community partners Service Groups 1. Cultivate Community: Multiple Channels
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Who Connects for your Organization? 22
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot + Reach out on multiple channels + Includes actionable signup links Twitter: Add location and theme hashtag (e.g. #SFO, #Running, #GirlPower) to find location and interest-aligned volunteers Add event details (date, and # needed to tweets & facebook) Girls on The Run - Bay Area Newsletter Blast 2. Onboard Quickly and be Specific
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot + Immediate needs & local tagging + Check-in as brand-building + Once they check in you can text em later ! Not likely to recruit immediate additional volunteers but possible especially if need is well-articulated and time-bound. E.g. Need help filling sandbags NOW! 20 needed until 6pm. 2. Onboard Quickly and be Specific
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Thank em! Background on your organization Map and directions to the service location Where to park and which entrance to use Who will greet them What to wear/bring (water, snack, work gloves, etc.) Safety concerns and physical requirements Confidentially requirements and sensitivity issues Background checks? SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE! 3. Set Up to Succeed: BEFORE
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot 3. Set up to Succeed: SM PACKAGE Create a Citywide Hopscotch Game! Flickr People involved in project Flickr group leaders Blog Local mom/dad bloggers Play bloggers Newspaper blogs Create a hashtag Tweet location each day TwitPics of completed work Submit photos to relevant Flickr groups Tagging system Create a photo pool Guest blog Share notable stories Include continually updated map Twitter Neighborhood groups Child-serving orgs Local government
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Facebook and Location Check-ins Ready Clear Signage of SM Addresses & Request to Follow Share your Big Picture Review summarize why it matters that they are serving today in one or two sentences. Make it Personal ASK: Why are you serving? Invite to SHARE THEIR story! Clear Guidelines on What Can & Cant be Photographed & Shared 3. Set Up to Succeed: DAY OF
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Results Measures: e.g. # families fed, # books distributed, # trees planted, # patients treated Process Measures: e.g. # volunteer hours, #administrator hours, # race stations staffed, gallons water provided Community Measures: Facebook views,mentions/likes/comments Flicker and YouTube posts/views Twitter followers, RTs and MTs Newsletter list, RSS subscribers Blog visits, bounce rate, time on site, page views Amplify, acknowledge volunteer mentions 4. Measure & Share
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot 5. Recognize Volunteers
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot 1. Cultivate community 2. Onboard Quickly & Be Specific 3. Setup to Succeed 4. Measure & Share 5. Recognize Volunteers Steps for Engaging Volunteers
  • #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot Power Tools
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Social Planning Power Tools Social Dashboard/ Scheduling/Analytics Analysis of Content, Sources & Influencers Themed Profile Pics
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Like the ideas, but dont have time? MAKE TIME! Its Strategic Add a volunteer leader: Social Communications Coordinator & a TEAM of Online Ambassadors Get Help!
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Oops!
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Oops!
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Oops!
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Lessons Learned Mistakes will happen Think before you post & check the sending account Own up to your social media mistakes Turn what could be a glaring negative into a glaring positive
  • #SM4NPO@VolunteerSpot Put em to work!
  • #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot THX 4 Making a #BIG Difference! Take a Tour Today @ @VolunteerSpot @VSpotMom