Twitter Limits Every Musicpreneur Should Know

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1. Twitter Marketing Twitter is a powerful social media tool. When used right, it can increase engagement, ignite growth, and drive more attention to your music and You as an Artist. Twitter implements limits to fight spammers and keep unwanted content and behavior out of their ecosystem. Knowing these limits is useful to keep your account active, especially if you desire a Verified Account. 2. Verified Accounts Twitter has a full FAQ related to Verified Accounts. Link. They are selective and only Verify accounts in specific areas of interest such as sports, fashion, politics, music, etc. Being aware and playing the game within Twitters boundaries will help you accomplish growth and engagement - all keys to being selected for Verification. 3. Daily Follow Limit Not recommended, but you can follow up to 1,000 users each day. You can be flagged for aggressive following. Be realistic. If you walked into a party, could you effectively engage with 1,000 people in one evening? 4. Total You Can Follow You can follow 2,000 users. At that point, you can only follow 10% more than your follower count. Example: You have 5,000 followers, you can follow 5,500 users. 5. Unfollows Per Day No limit is defined. However, unfollowing massive amounts of users at once is suspicious and could get you flagged for aggressive unfollowing. 6. Tweets Per Day Allowed 1000 per day but I have no idea why you would want or need to send that many in a 24 hour period... 7. DMs Per Day 250 Direct Messages allowed per day. 8. Lists You Can Create 1000 lists with a ceiling of 5000 users per list. With this, you can watch other users Tweets without having to follow them in other words, you can follow up to 5 million users by creating Lists. 9. Tweet Character Limits Most people know this, but 140 characters per tweet; this is why link shorteners such as are useful. 10. Username Character Limit 15 characters max but if your goal is ReTweets, the shorter your username, the better. RT @username will eat away at the 140 character limit for Tweets. 11. Hashtags You can enter as many hashtags as you want in a Tweet (up to the 140 character limit). However, recent research states Tweets with 2 hashtags receive the most engagement. Using more than 2 #s decreases your chances of Favorites, RTs, and overall user engagement. 12. Bio Character Limit Bios max out at 160 characters. Be specific but have impact. Your bio helps people decide whether or not to follow you. 13. Image Sizes Dimensions max out at 500x500 pixels. Image upload size maxes at 3 MB. Twitter will automatically resize images to fit 500x500 space. 14. For more tips and guides plus an abundance of awesome independent music, visit


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