Using LinkedIn as a Sales Lead Tool

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  • 1.LinkedIn Training Using LinkedIn as a Sales Lead ToolCatherine Buck Morgan 2/5/14

2. The Plan Learn how to: Make an all-star LinkedIn profile Build your network Position yourself as a leader in your industry Develop relationships Get referrals and leads 3. Which one is yours? Is this how you show up on LinkedIn? 4. Who would you buy from? 5. An all-star profile builds trust Profile photoHeadline Backgroundo Summary o Experience o Awards, Certifications, etc.Recommendations 6. Who do you know? Building your network: Business cards Rolodex Email contacts Other pieces of paper Alumni o Previous co-workers o School LinkedIn will suggest connections, but you dont necessarily need to act on each one.Image courtesy of Flickr 7. Its not always easyGroups can provide a common ground for making that first contact. 8. Position yourself in the market Use Updates to become consistently visible and valuable o Industry news o Articles about your interests Comments and likes also appear in your update stream Join Groups and participate in discussions Follow channels in Pulse for articles 9. Meeting new people GroupsCompany pages Advanced searchThe key to LinkedIn is Relationships. Its also about solving problems for people.Image courtesy of Flickr 10. Relationships LinkedIn will email you about career changes, work anniversaries, and even the birthdays of your connections. Take advantage of these updates and make someones day great. Is there someone you can help? 11. Using Search to find leads Your search can be narrow or broad Narrow the search by choosing a category Narrow it further by using Advanced Search 12. Using advanced search Begin with some keywords o HVAC, hospital, facility Choose a location Save searches that are most productive The same search can be used to find groups and companies Company pages will lead you to the key individuals you need to target 13. Using your companys page Follow your company Like or comment on the updates Share the updates If your company posts jobs, share the jobs Check out the People Also Viewed section 14. 10 minutes a day Once your profile is at all-star level, it takes just a few minutes a day to make LinkedIn work for you. Rock on! Scan through the updates on your home tab; like or comment on a few Check Pulse for news you can share Check your companys page for updates Check your Groups; make a comment or two Try to find 1 person to connect with Questions? 15. Thank you! Questions later? Just email Connect with me on LinkedIn!