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Why You Should Be On Twitter, Best Ways to Search Twitter, What are people saying about you on Twitter, Best Way to Share Links, Do's & Don'ts of Twitter, Recommended Twitter Tools


  • 1.Whats All This Tweeting About? Samantha TerBeest Adult Services Librarian Winona Public Library @issamabooknerd / @winonapubliclib #CoWTweets2014

2. Overview Why You Should Be Using Twitter Best Way to Search All Things Winona, Trending Topics, & Other Things That Matter Best Way to Share Links What are people saying about you? The Dos & Donts of Twitter Twitters Tools 3. Why Should You Be On Twitter There are more Twitter Users Ages 44 and Under than Non-Users. The Average Age of a Winona Resident is 26.7 Years. Twitter Users are more likely to live in a City than a Rural Area 4. Why Should You Be On Twitter 73% of Smart Phone Users are one Twitter How many people here own smart phones? 48% of Tablet Users are on Twitter How many people here own an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Note? 5. Why Should You Be On Twitter Twitter users are more engaged in Civic Activity Politics & local government meetings Twitters users are more likely to tell some one about you/a company than non- users Twitter Users are more likely to donate money than non-users 6. Why Should You Be On Twitter Twitter Users are more likely to talk about TV (Sports, Drama) More young people get the News from Twitter than anywhere else There are more Sports Fans on Twitter than any other social network 7. Best Way to Search Know What Youre Looking For People Pictures Video News Timelines/Lists Use a # (hashtag) Word, phrase, or abbreviation with no spaces Hashtags allow for topics to be found easier & faster 8. Best Way to Search Search Topics by Certain Users Ex. Steamboat Days from:WinonaDailyNews Advanced Search Search Words, People, Places, & Other 9. Best Way to Search: Winona Search by Location Location:Winona Within:5mi All Tweets within 5 miles of Winona will show in the Search Results Whats Happening in Winona? #WinonaMN #Winona (not always the best one to use) #LakeWinona (also not the best to use) 10. Best Way to Search: Winona Following People/Places in Winona Search Winona & isolate to People Go to @WinonaPublicLibs List of All Things Winona 11. Best Way to Search: Trending Topics What Are People Talking About on Twitter? Trending Topics Tailored to You Based on Your Region 12. Best Way to Search: Other Things that Matter Conferences: Most Conferences have event hashtags #CEAM2014 = City Engineers Association of Minnesota #MNCities = League of Minnesota Cities Movies & TV TV or a Movie Use Hashtags #TFIOS = The Fault in Our Stars #HIMYMFinale = How I Met Your Mother Series Finale 13. What Are People Saying About You/Organization? Search Yourself Find out what people are saying about you Positive Info: Favorite It, Retweet It Let people know you exist Negative Info: Start a Conversation @mention them Direct Message Them 14. Sharing Links URL Shorteners (Save on Characters) Non-Tracking Shortner Tinyurl.com Ow.ly Tracking Shortener Bitly.com 15. The Dos of Twitter Have a Public Profile Put in Your Location Practice Twitter Reciprocity Follow Your Followers Retweet Your @Mentions Favorite Your @Mentions 16. The Donts of Twitter DO NOT link your Facebook Account to Twitter. DO NOT use more than two hashtags in a Tweet. DO NOT leave your bio empty. 17. Twitter Tools www.Hootsuite.com https://tweetdeck.twitter.com http://www.twitonomy.com/ www.Klout.com 18. THE END Statistics Came From: biz.civicscience.com Citydata.com