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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Agile Testing - Concepts &amp; Techniques</p> <p>Date: 2nd Dec 2015</p> <p>Presented by </p> <p>Kingshuk Chatterjee &amp; Amol Sande</p> <p></p> <p>Agenda</p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidentialWhat is Agile Testing</p> <p>What is Quality in Agile</p> <p>Principles for Agile Testers</p> <p>Agile Testing Quadrants</p> <p>Agile Testing Challenges </p> <p>Agile Testing Approach</p> <p>Session Based Testing </p> <p>Test Reporting Techniques</p> <p>Waterfall Vs Agile</p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidential</p> <p>Principles for Agile Testers: </p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidentialProvide continuous feedback </p> <p>Deliver value to the customer Enable Face to Face Communication Practice Continuous improvement </p> <p>Respond to Change Self Organize Focus on People </p> <p>Typical Processes: </p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidentialSeeking lightweight process Test planning </p> <p>Defect Tracking </p> <p>Metrics </p> <p>Agile Testing Quadrants</p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidential</p> <p>Business FacingTechnology FacingSupporting the TeamCritique Product</p> <p>Agile Testing Challenges</p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidentialTeam may not value testers or vice versa.</p> <p>Unclear role of testers.</p> <p>Testing often squeezed as deadlines approach.</p> <p>Developers and testers are often in different operation silos.</p> <p>Team may not have the skills or domain expertise to test effectively.</p> <p>Agile Testing Approach</p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidentialTesters are first class citizens of agile teams and part of Whole Team supporting customers, business stake holders, dev and other team members.</p> <p>Testers support quality infusion through entire team and product cycle.</p> <p>Test tasks and stories are planned and executed like development stories and task.</p> <p>Automate where possible and use creative approaches for testing.</p> <p>Communicate through information radiators.</p> <p>Session Based Testing</p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidentialA method specifically designed to make exploratory testing auditable and measurable on a wider scale.</p> <p>Session Based Testing</p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidentialCharter: </p> <p>Session:Charter: </p> <p>Session:</p> <p>Goal or agenda for test session in 1 to 3 sentences.Created by test team prior to start of testing but may be changed at any time.Created from specifications, test plan or from previous test session results.</p> <p>Testing for uninterrupted period of time (1 or 2 hours) Session focused on charter but allows new opportunities or issues.Test cases created on the fly and progress is recorded.</p> <p>Session Based Testing</p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidentialReport: </p> <p>Debrief:</p> <p>Parsing Result:</p> <p>CharterAreas tested Notes on how testing conductedList of new bugs foundList of issuesInput Data used% time spentSession start time and durationTester Name</p> <p> Short discussion between manager (PO) &amp; tester(s) about session and session reports. </p> <p>Standardized session report used to parse and store the result as aggregate data for reporting and metrics.Allows reporting on number of sessions per area, breakdown of time spent on testing, bug investigation, setup and other activities.</p> <p>A Low Tech Testing Dashboard</p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidentialProblem is:</p> <p>A Low Tech Testing Dashboard</p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidentialSolution is:Report test cycle progress in a simple, structured way shows progress towards goal. manages expectations and inspires support. for an effective test process.</p> <p>A Low Tech Testing Dashboard</p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidential</p> <p>High level areas of equal values, no sub areas.Minimize overlap.Must make senseInclusive of everything reasonably testable</p> <p>NoneStartLowHighPauseBlockedGo Live</p> <p>011+22+3</p> <p>RedGreenGold</p> <p>References and Further Reading</p> <p>www.synerzip.comConfidential</p> <p>1) Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams By Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory2)</p> <p></p>