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  1. 1. Best deleted picture recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery The emergence of digital camera changes the structure of photographic industry and leads to the declaration of bankruptcy of Kodak which firmly sticks to the traditional photographing mode. This fact suggests that if a new emerging thing is able to change the entire industry, it must possess unmatched advantages. We can see pictures shot with digital camera are more suitable for storage, carrying and spread, so it's inevitable that the traditional photographing mode is replaced. Despite the great improvement on digital pictures, picture storage security is hardly promoted. Unlike other files which can be rebuilt, we can not rebuild pictures which take our memories. But our accidental deletion always leads to picture loss, and deleted picture recovery is the only solution to this situation. Considering from cost and convenience, we mostly resort to deleted picture recovery software to recover deleted picture. Although there is much software on the network, which is able to recover deleted picture, most has faults in quality. That kind of software is likely to result in deleted picture recovery failure, or even worse, permanent picture loss. For the sake of complete deleted picture recovery, MiniTool Solution Ltd. has published the free data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery which is capable of recovering deleted picture perfectly. --Source from ery-software.html Best deleted picture recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery Generally, the properties of software mainly find expression in details. Besides powerful data recovery functions, the detail designs of MiniTool Power Data Recovery also impress all users. The free data recovery software can not only help users find the deleted files from partition, but also provides quick and convenient searching ways, for the consideration of users truly. Firstly, this deleted picture recovery software offers quick searching way by file name and picture preview function.
  2. 2. When recovering deleted picture, we can find the desired pictures through preview function. Meanwhile, we can also find them by inputting file name via the searching function "Find file". More specific settings like "Match Case" and "Match Word" are also offered for the sake of more accurate picture recovery. Secondly, if we have no idea of picture name and the content of the picture, what should we do? Don't worry. The free data recovery software provides us with "Advanced Filter" function.
  3. 3. Via this filter mode, we can shrink searching range by setting file extension name, file size or deletion date, which is greatly helpful. Lastly, if the picture under preview mode is not clear enough and users want to see the content, we can double click the picture to get the full picture.
  4. 4. The above is a complete picture. Judge whether it is the desired picture by viewing it. By using the above methods, we can find the deleted pictures to be recovered easily. As professional data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery has more powerful functions, which are waiting for your experience. Do you want to get it? Please visit to download it freely.