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Bridging the GapDevOpsNexiiLabs

In conventional IT enterprises the existence of a gap between the software developers and the IT Operations has led to a lot of conflict and consequent inefficiencies.

DevOps?In 2009, Patrick Debois, came up with the term DevOps, a portmanteau of Development and Operations.

DevOps smoothens out the bottlenecks and fills the gaps through automated processes that ease the delivery process.


Development (Software Engineering)Quality Assurance(QA)Technology OperationsDevOps





How do we bridge the gap?Based on Agile and Lean principles, DevOps helps in enhanced speed and quality of IT services delivery.

By enabling shared business tasks.

Continuous deliveryA continuous delivery approach ensures that the software is thoroughly tested, validated and bugs identified at the earliest

Build itRun itDesigningConfigureCodingMonitor TestingFixDeployment

But best of all, DevOps optimizes efficient functioning and quality output even while allowing for dramatic cost savings.

2017 will be the year it scales, with mass adoption of DevOps across the software delivery cycle.

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