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  • Educational Apps The Future Of Learning

  • The traditional art of learning has witnessed a huge change with the introduction oftechnology. The old system restricted new changes in the modes and methods ofteaching and there was no questioning the supreme authority of teachers.

    Modern day teachers are facilitators rather than authoritarians. Also the student statushas changed from that of passive listeners to active contributors of self development.

    This change in view towards imparting education was accompanied in the last few yearsby research and growth of the education app development industry. There arethousands of apps being developed and launched in order to provide assistance to formaleducation in schools and colleges.

    What awaits education?

    We cannot just predict the future of education and learning from plain guesses or drawnon-objective conclusions. Education as we know it today had very humble beginnings.Our reservoir of knowledge in every stream was the result of our predecessorscontinuous effort to innovate and discover.

    Later, at least in several countries this process came to a halt, and the only meaning thatthe word education carried with it for a lot of people became memorizing and retainingwhat had been memorized. There was no need for innovations or individuality inlearning. Curiosity and critical thinking were only required limitedly.

    Education app development is a highly demanding task in itself. They should beappropriate to the age group and should match with the curriculum and the needs of eachindividual child. So it is important that you contact the right Educational appdevelopment company to deliver your apps that will cater to your specific educationalneeds.

    Taking educational apps to the future

    Nowadays, majority of students in developed countries are smartphone owners. Mobiledevices have drifted from luxury items list to essential items list. It will not be a wonder

  • when in the future, education will be commonly provided through an electronic onlymedium. Each student will have their own device which is either owned or provided bytheir institution.

    As of now, educational app learning is not intended to be an educational method in itselfbut rather it is supposed to complement the existing ways. Students can take advantageof learning at their convenience with these apps. Self-teaching and anytime-learning areall positives of learning with apps. The way students learn is diverse and mobile appsprovide this flexibility.

    Role of Teachers and Parents

    Teachers, parents and students should be aware of the changing trends in the industry.The major ones emerging now is going cloud and being social. Smart devices witheducational apps installed on them have the potential to replace notebooks andtextbooks. It will altogether change the prevalent concepts of classrooms and the waysstudents are taught. Students and teachers can locate themselves locally or globally andbe a member of the same school or university.

    With the use of cloud technology, information can be stored and retrieved universally.Teachers can share learning aids such as pictures, PDFs, videos, podcasts etc. onlinewhich can be accessed from the students smartphone or tablet. They can also grade theirstudents assignments and projects likewise.

    Education app development holds to be the future in education, where students can learnfrom anywhere and teachers can teach from anywhere.

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