Frameworks for Human-Centered Design

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Supercharging Human-Centered Design Processes with Online Collaboration FrameworksLuke HohmannFounder and




Frameworks and Teams

Drinking our own champagne

Design ThinkingStart Converge Sensemake Diverge ExecuteFrameworks as the toolSpecific frameworks in each arenaLets try it Lets move forward


Many Design Thinking Methods3


More Commonality Than Difference4

Building empathyDivergent thinkingSense-making Convergent thinkingDetermining priorities / making choicesStakeholder involvementExternalInternal

Frameworks:Tools for Designers, Agilists5

What is a FrameworkA framework is a tool that enables knowledge workers to perform their jobs. FrameworksSolve a problem. Fit into a process.Scale for both in-person and online use.6Prune the FutureDevelop product/service roadmaps

Speed Boat / Sail BoatConduct scalable retrospectives

Framework Time Horizons & FrequencyWe use frameworks at different levels of abstraction and different time horizons.

DailySprintStrategyPortfolioProductReleaseLeader PMDevTeamYearsQuarters to MonthsWeeks




Frameworks Integrate Organization Levels8

Prune the Product Tree

Prune the Product Tree

Prune the Product Tree

Prune the Product Tree

Prune the Product Tree

Prune the Product Tree

Innovation Ambition

Manage the Innovation PortfolioA strategic framework designed to manage a portfolio of products guides the roadmaps of each product. Product performance and opportunity in turn feeds the innovation portfolio.One Product Tree for each product


Frameworks are Composable Tools9Design Thinking is one of several frameworks that companies use to create products and design experiences.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking processes often leverage other frameworks, such as Empathy Map and Customer Journey Mapping.

Customer Journey Map


The Benefits of FrameworksFrameworksHeres HowImprove decision-makingFrameworks provide a clear structure to problem solving.Enable efficient collaborationFrameworks create shared mental models.

Solve increasingly complex problemsNo one framework can meet all needs for example, Scrum doesnt provide a framework for strategic planning (e.g., no roadmap).

Leverage wisdom and experienceHigh-impact frameworks are retained and low-impact frameworks are discarded.



Value Proposition Canvas

Design Thinking

Ideas to ActionTM11

Visual Thinking: Metaphors, Spatial Sensemaking12

Prune the Product TreeGrowth as a Tree

Speedboat / Race CarsProblems slow me down

Empathy MapBuild Empathy

Importance - DifficultyOrganize & Prioritize

Framework Structure Defines Meaning13Importance - DifficultySpeed Boat

Lower is More BadExplicit AxesDefinedSpaces

Prioritization / Resource Allocation14

Chat area for participants. Items.Area for participants to make bids & purchases. Collective and individual budgets.

Cx-Sustainability Workshop Lets explore some examples!


TestEmpathizeGain understanding of who you are designing forBe clear what you are solving for Brainstorm potential solutions. Select top ideas to develop

Engage your audience in testing your ideas for feedbackDesign representation/s of one or more ideasPrototype

Break-out 1 - Define Opportunities What problem are we solving for?From customer perspectiveNot a solution (that comes later)Go for quantity (step 1)Reference customer insights

Generate how might we (HMW)... statements Action oriented customer goalhelp customers get only the accessories they needmake it easy to get to the device firstDiscuss Pick top 3Report-outKeep in Mind

Turn challenges into opportunities

We use the How Might We format because it suggests that a solution is possible and because they offer you the chance to answer them in a variety of ways. A properly framed How Might We doesnt suggest a particular solution, but gives you the perfect frame for innovative thinking.

The goal is to find opportunities for design, so if your insights suggest several How Might We questions thats great.

Finally, make sure that your How Might Wes arent too broad. Its a tricky process but a good How Might We should give you both a narrow enough frame to let you know where to start your Brainstorm, but also enough breadth to give you room to explore wild ideas. 50 sec video

Example:Too Broad HMW redesign public toilets in IndiaToo Narrow (specific) HMW create a door knob for Indian toilets thats clean, safe and invites user in?Just Right HMW create a sense of safety in public toilets17

Conteneo WeaveItems in the palette are added to the image.The platform automatically tracks placement and meaning of itemsNote the use of custom images!

Break-out 2 - Brainstorm IdeasWhat problem are we solving for and for whom Go for quantity Defer judgment no bad ideasThink out of the box - wild ideas can be brought down to earth later! Check that wont work at the doorBrainstorm ideas of how to address your assigned HMW statement; go for quantity (each team member adds to board)Discuss. Build on them Optional: Importance/Difficulty matrix Report outOptional: if finish, start work on another HMW statement

Keep in Mind

Integrated Frameworks

HR Workshop


TestEmpathizePrototypeConsider Multiple Frameworks

Research Review

Empathy Map

How Might We

Brainstorm Ideas(Breakouts)

Lets Give it a Try!

IoT Internet Enabled Trail Hiking/Running24

Youre a member of Cisco IoT design team that is helping a major shoe manufacturer explore the viability of Internet-enabled trail hiking/running shows.14 online forums103 total participants380 ideas

You now wish to use Buy a Feature as a means to identify preferences in your customers.

Buy a Feature

12-20 items described in terms of benefits and costs5 to 8 players given limited budgetPurchased items represent shared prioritiesChat logs shape resultsA Game ToPrioritize Stuff

You import items to prioritize from Excel.

We ran an experiment.Contact Luke if you want to try this at your company.26You have 15 minutes to pick your favorite trail running shoe features!

Under the Covers27

Guiding Principles28

Teams do the work!

We scale through teams.

We control access through guest lists.

Facilitators are helpful but not always required.

All events recorded for analysis.

Collaboration Engines29

To Facilitate or Not?FacilitatedA human facilitator is present and manages the flow of the forum.

Recommended for market research with customers or when you want to have the option for ad-hoc questions and explorations of the problem.UnfacilitatedThe participants manage the flow of the forum on their own.

Recommended for internal teams who have experience with the subject matter.

Typically greater scale!30

City of San Jos Neighborhood Associations/Youth Commission2014-2015 Priority Setting Sessions:Innovation Games Prioritization ResultsPrepared for: The City of San JosPrepared by:Conteneo, Inc.February 10, 2014

13 in-person games21 online gamesSubject Matter experts100s of residents


Action Plan!32Start by creating your account!Just click on any framework!

Resources Human Centered Design Toolkit (Cisco)Instruction guide and printable templates 17 exercises to choose fromHuman Centered Design Resource Library On-line HCD toolkit + user testing methodologiesLaunch on-line forumsHuman Centered Problem Solving Community Information, blogs, book reviews and upcoming classes




35Conteneo, Inc.1296 Kifer Rd, Suite 601Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Please visit us at and!

Framework and ApplicationsKeep reading for frameworks that you can use in very specific ways!36


Product BoxSet a vision for yourproduct with customers.

Remember the FutureUnderstand shared steps for mutual success.

Relationships and UseSpider WebUnderstand complex relationships from your customers point of view.Start Your DayKnow how the when influences the how.

Empathy and InsightThe ApprenticeBuild empathy for your customers experience. Me and My ShadowIdentify needs that your customers dont know they even had!

BoundariesSpider WebUnderstand complex relationships from your customers point of view.Give Them a Hot TubUse outrageous ideas to establish boundaries and develop breakthroughs.

Hidden Needs and ProblemsShow and TellUnderstand usage from your customers point of view.Speed BoatUnderstand the problems your customers are facing.

Prioritization20/20 VisionUnderstand customer benefit priorities.Prune the Product TreeDevelop great roadmaps.

Buy a FeatureUse a virtual market to prioritize features/projects.