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  • Free data recovery software

    MiniTool Power Data Recovery For common computer users, data recovery can be very complex and difficult. In common

    case, we will choose not to recover lost data when encountering data loss unless we have

    very important data losing. The most general situation is that users will ask professional

    data recovery companies for help. But as the charge is rather high, it stops many users. In

    fact, we can rely on professional data recovery software to realize common data recovery.

    Nowadays, we have too many choices of data recovery software but the excellent ones

    are so expensive and the free ones are always with poor quality. Data recovery software

    with poor quality may cause data recovery failure or even data losing for eternity and

    hardware damage. Aiming at solving this problem, MiniTool Solution Ltd. has been

    developing a piece of data recovery freeware MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which is

    special for family users. MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition is a powerful and

    professional data recovery freeware that provides users with the best data recovery

    service. If you are in trouble of data loss, try MiniTool Power Data Recovery now. It brings

    you great experience.

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    The best Windows data recovery freeware MiniTool Power Data Recovery

    To recover lost data, we should know something about data recovery. The most common

    operating system now is Windows series. Let's find out why MiniTool Power Data

    Recovery is the best choice for us according to the data recovery requirement under

    Windows operating system. Firstly, we should know something about Windows file system.

    In Windows operating system, the most common file systems are FAT12/16/32and NTFS.

    Sometimes, it is common that we install MAC hard drive under Windows operating system

    for recovering lost MAC data.

  • Hence, when choosing data recovery software, we have to consider about the

    compatibility with MAC common file system HFS+. Different file systems have different

    storage solutions so that they have different data recovery principles. Compatibility with

    multiple file systems is an extremely important element of choosing data recovery

    software. We can see from the above picture that MiniTool Power Data Recovery is

    completely compatible with FAT12/16/32, NTFS, and HFS+ file system. We have no

    need to worry about the compatibility of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

    In addition, capability of recovering data form different storage medium is also a significant

    standard of evaluating data recovery software. There are so many types of data storage

    devices. Besides the traditional machinery hard drive and CD/DVD, there is also mobile

    storage medium such as the widely used U disk and memory card, and the new

    generation SSD hard drive. We should pay more attention to the support of various

    storage media when choosing data recovery software.

  • From this above screenshot of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we can see its excellent

    support for storage media with USB port. But this is only one type of its comprehensive

    support for different storage media. It also supports CD/DVD and SSD hard drive.

    MiniTool Power Data Recovery can be the best choice when you need to recover lost data

    from different storage media.

    At last, ease of use is also a considerable element when choosing data recovery software.

    As long as it is easy-to-use, and has simple but elegant interfaces, it can be the right

    choice for users.

  • From this picture, we can say MiniTool Power Data Recovery has very brief and elegant

    operating interface. It provides five different data recovery modules to satisfy different data

    recovery requirement. Choose a suitable data recovery module when facing a specific

    data loss situation so that we can promote data recovery success rate. At the bottom of

    this interface, there are introductions to every functional module. So we can choose the

    corresponding data recovery module according to the introduction. It helps us a lot when

    we firstly use MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Compared to other data recovery software,

    MiniTool Power Data Recovery is on the top level. Its free edition facilitates users a lot and

    becomes the first choice for users. You can visit to

    download MiniTool Power Data Recovery for free.


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