How to recover lost data from fdisked drives with data recovery

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  • How to recover lost data from

    fdisked drives with data recovery


    Every hard drive must go through fdisk. So users are generally familiar with FDISK.

    Although it can't partition the hard drive with above 130G capacity, it is still preferred

    partition program among computer enthusiast. Since to partition hard drive is to repartition

    the hard disk structure, it's hard to avoid data loss. (If you are not professional, I

    suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard partition magic to manage hard drive.)

    However, even those who understand partition management operations for hard drive well,

    they must perform the operations very carefully because partition may be lost due to

    operation errors. Now, users don't need to worry about recovering partition in that situation.

    To recover lost data from partition is the top priority. In order to recover the lost data in the

    hard drive caused by erroneous operation of FDISK, users can turn to data recovery

    software. When users choose data recovery software, requirements below should be


    1. It is small and exquisite in a delicate form, because too large software occupies hard

    disk storage space;

    2. Friendly interface design which provides more convenience to us.

    3. All-round functions and powerful performances which could maximumly recover desired


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    Situations in which MiniTool Power Data Recovery is needed when FDisk manages


    Warnings below prompt when FDisk manages disk, we should use MiniTool Data

    Recovery to recover data.

    1. No boot device available.

    2. Can not find the primary hard drive, click F1 to continue.

    3. Master boot record can not be found.

    4. Invalid or damaged FAT.

    5. Sector is invalid.

    Above tells just a small part of warnings when FDISK goes wrong, there are still plenty of

    similar warning. It means problems in FDISK operation disk when these warning appear

    on the desktop. Once these problems appear, partition may be lost. This time, MiniTool

  • Power Data Recovery can show its capabilities. It is very simple to use MiniTool Power

    Data Recovery, and demo about using MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost hard

    disk partition caused by FDISK is shown below.

    How to use MiniTool Power Data Recovery

    Detailed steps about using MiniTool Power Data Recovery are shown below:

    1. Visit official website of MiniTool Power Data

    Recovery to free download and install the software

    on the computer.

    2. Run the software to see its main interface. Select "Lost Partition Recovery" function

    module to recover lost data from fdisked drives.

    3. After entering this step, we should select those disks which have lost partitions, then

    click "Recover" to scan the hard disk.

  • 4. Wait till the software completes scan. After entering new interface, click "Show Files" to

    open lost hard disk partition first to see if lost data can be directly found. If not, select "Full

    Scan" to completely scan the partition and search data.

  • 5. Select partition with closest matching degree with lost partition, and then click "Show


  • 6. Select data desired to recover, and then click "Save Files".

  • 7. Set the save path for recovered data and then click "OK" after settings are confirmed.

    In this way, we successfully recover fdisked drive. However, MiniTool Power Data

    Recovery can not only recover lost partition data, but also has plenty of other functions

    such as: recover deleted data, recover lostdata, and recover lost digital data. If users want

  • to learn all functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, please visit its official website

    where the description is clearer. It will not let you down.