Lead Management - How to increase lead quality, lead quantity, and conversion

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Easy Steps to Convert 2X More Deals with Lead ManagementIncrease Lead Quality, Lead Quantity, and Conversion in 30 days or less.

by Gabriel Buck


IntroductionBest PracticesIncrease Lead Quality, Quantity, & ConversionCustomer Success Resources Review

Focus: Created to solve a very specific problem with how leads are managed from marketing to the field, agents, sales leaders, call centers, and franchisees.Results: Increased lead quality, increased lead quantity, and lead conversion.

What are the Most Important Objectives for Your Lead Generation Strategy?

Improve the QUALITY of leads generated

Increase the QUANTITY of leads generated

Increase CONVERSION rate of leads generatedSource: Marketing Advocate in partnership with Ascend2

Where is the pain?

Not Enough Quality LeadsHow do we get more good leads?Not Enough TransparencyHow are the leads really performing across marketing channels and sales teams?There is a big difference between what a CRM system can do and a lead management solutionPoor Alignment with SalesWhat is sales doing to ensure the leads we acquire are maximized, nurtured, followed up with?

Before we can tackle the solution, we must understand the problem most corporations face, regarding lead generation.

3 Cornerstones to Success

Increase Lead Quantity by Integrating all Marketing ChannelsIntegrate all marketing channels that drive leadsIncrease Lead Quality by Implementing Best PracticesRemove bad leads, identify high quality leads, and move them through a predictable sales process. Increase Conversion by Implementing AutomationOptimize lead flow by utilizing automated routing of leads for both inbound and outbound sales activity.

1. Increase Lead Quality




Align Sales and Marketing - Checklist

Problem: Poor AlignmentSales and Marketing should work together and identify all offline and online lead channels What Qualifies as a Good Lead? (Interest, Intent, Ready)Define KPIs Establish a CPA (Cost Per Application) or Cost to Convert Identify Contact Time (How Fast Before a Prospect Moves On)Identify how many times a lead needs to be contacted for optimal results

Integrate all Marketing Channels

Live Call Transfers Offline / InboundOnline / OutboundDirect Mail800 Vanity Number - IVRCPC, SEO, EmailWebsites and Landing Pages3rd Party Lead SourcesIntegration is a necessity to gain transparency

Reporting Transparency

Marketing and Lead PerformanceCampaign ROIGoogle, CPCQualityLead Source ROIThird Party Lead SourcesQualityLead PenetrationContact AttemptsQualityCall Center GapsOpportunitiesQualityContact TimeHow FastQuality

Real-time reports that pinpoint the gaps in performance help marketing leaders pull the levers and improve lead quality.

Reporting Speed

Reporting PerformanceScoreboard Reports2-3 SecondsDashboard2-3 SecondsGrid Reports3-10 Seconds

Cloud hosting with Microsoft Azure, improves reporting performance to allow large data queries. These reports help marketing and sales teams improve with actionable and meaningful data.

2. Increase Lead Quantity

Align Sales and Marketing - Checklist

KPIs should include salesperson & lead source performance As we scale, ensure leads are performing by looking at the right reports. Often leads are neglected when sales teams grow. Scaling efforts must be aligned with lead quantity and lead ROI. Can you handle scale? Do we have enough salespeople? Quantity and Quality are dependent on one another. If you have high lead quality but not enough leads, or high quantity of leads that are poor in quality you have the same problem.

Implement Best Practices

Best PracticesLead PenetrationAre we calling leads at the optimal rate?Sales GapsAre we staffed in peak times?Contact TimeHow fast are we getting to leads?Lead ReturnsAre we removing bad leads?

3. Increase Lead Conversion

Quick Stats 30% Reduction in Lead Cost66% Improvement in Sales Efficiency20% Improvement in Closed Deals200% improvement in Salesperson Activity3-10 Second Lead Response TimeReal results from customers who implemented a lead management solution.

Align Sales and Marketing

Be open to changing the process the old way of doing things isnt working.Integrate marketing suites (email, social) Provide easy-to-use tools (nurture, phones)Make it fun (gamification, reward)

Salespeople are $ motivatedSalespeople want a simple sales processSalespeople want a repeatable sales process Great Salespeople want more at bats

Changing The ProcessWe have worked with over 10,000 salespeople and we know they are share common interests. The software they use should be designed to work with their strengths not their weakness.

Implement Sales Best Practices

Stop the PushLeads have an expiration date

Leads are an asset that loses value over TimeLeads Should be Contacted ImmediatelyPushing leads means giving each lead to a salesperson and hoping they call it more than 2-3 times. We know this does not work.

Sales Challenge

Salespeople historically do not follow up on the leads they are provided80%of salespeople give upby the second call attempt70%of deals close on the third or fourth call attempt

Implement Sales Best Practices

Start the PullUse the 80/20 Rule Increase Healthy CompetitionReward with Higher Compensation

You dont have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your friends. Some Wise GuyPull, is a system that allows your best sales performers to have access to more leads. This system is easier to manage, will improve contact rates, sales performance and team moral.

Sales Reporting Transparency

Lead ConversionSales EfficiencyDials, Closed, RateMost Inbound and Outbound CallsSome are better at outbound vs. inboundMost ConversionsBy Source This mattersActivityWhat are they spending time on? NurtureNurture ConversionAutomated email stats

Pull, needs reports that are front and center so that salespeople see their results in real-time. This type of reporting reinforces the behavior you want to improve.

Customer Success

An increase in total sales applications by 20%A decrease in cost per leadby 30%An increase in sales person efficiency by 66%Doubled sales head count in less than 60 daysImproved sales results by double digits

Resources and Next Steps

Case Study:

Case Study:

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