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  1. 1. TranslationManagementMulti-LanguageSupportInternational Collaboration WithTranslation Management
  2. 2. About Translation Management The Translation Manager adds a host ofadvanced multilingual capabilities to Jivewww.pokeshot-smz.comWhy Is Translation Managementa Good Idea?International companies often have to grapple withlanguage barriers. But so do companies that are onlypresent in one country. This is not only true for internalactivities, but also when companies engage with theircustomers. These barriers complicate communicationsbecause everyone does not speak the same language.Important informaton gets lost when discussion com-mentsor a market research report are not fully under-stood.This makes collaboration not only ineffi cient but,in many cases, impossible.Trends:Editing UI text without programming knowledgeTranslating user-generated contentDelivering offi cial content in multiple languagesThe trends in translation management are becomingmore and more important as globalization continues toexpand. This includes key aspects such as overcominglanguage barriers and introducing suitable translationtools. For many of our clients, integrating such toolsis critical to their business. So we have developed ourtranslation management solution in response to theirspecifi c needs. This guarantees our solution will meetthe demands of todays borderless business world.Overcoming Language BarriersThrough Translation ManagementCompanies running Jive in a customer facing orinternal environment with a global reach need anintegrated time- and cost-saving translation tool.Such a solution adds a host of advanced multilingualcapabilities to the Jive environment. This includessimplifying translation and management of UI text,editing labels and interface elements directly in thefrontend, adding translations for new languageswith one click and easily keeping track of differentlanguage versions. On top of all this, no program-mingknowledge is needed. But thats not all: Youalso have the ability to translate Jive content into theusers preferred language automatically and in realtime, and you can create multiple language versionsof documents and present the correct version tousers based on their language settings.Benefi ts of Translation Management:Adds powerful multilingual features and functional-itiesto the Jive environmentSimplifi es the translation and management ofUI text by allowing companies to edit labels andinterface elements directly in the frontend and addtranslations for new languages with one clickNo programming knowledge is neededEnables Jive content to be shown in the userspreferred language on the fl y, while also creatingmultiple language versions of a document and pre-sentingthe correct version of a document basedon users language settings
  3. 3. Simplify translation and handling of UI text,and easily edit labels and interface elementsUI EditingManage translations and UI changes withsignifi cantly reduced complexity and effort.Interface and Frontend ElementsCreate and edit labels and interface elementsdirectly in the frontend and in the right contextwithin the Jive user interface.Centralized TranslationManagementCentralized management of translations andUI changes allows for easy maintenance ofmultiple languages. Full support is providedfor plugins and new languages, while importand export capabilities enable the easymigration of changes from test to productionwithout server restarts.www.pokeshot-smz.comUse Case 1: Easy UI EditingInterface & Frontend Translation
  4. 4. Based on language settings the correctversion of a document will be presented1. When creating new documents, userscan choose to assign a language to thedocument.2. If desired, additional languages canbe added.3. The user can choose to leverage theautomated translation capabilities of theTranslation Manager to get an initialtranslation.4. The correct version of the documentwill be presented to the user based on theirlanguage preferences. They can alwaysswitch to another translation manually. Ifno translation is available, the communitydefault will be used.www.pokeshot-smz.comUse Case 2: Multi-Language ContentNew Language Versions of Existing Documents
  5. 5. Display content in the desiredlanguage on the fl ywww.pokeshot-smz.comUse Case 3: Automated TranslationReal-Time TranslationEnjoy real-time translation capabilities forall Jive content, overview pages and activitystreams via translation services such asGoogle Translator. You can also simplifythe creation of multilingual documents usingautomated translations or even displaycontent on the fl y.AdministratorAdministrators can control allowed languagesand available functionalities.Supported Translation ServicesGoogle Translator, Microsoft Translation,LionBridge GeoFluent.Automated Translation on the Fly
  6. 6. Nils HeuerProduct Developmentnils.heuer@pokeshot-smz.comPatrick FhlingSocial Business Strategy Consultantpatrick.faehling@pokeshot-smz.comKristina JohannsonServices Engineerkristina.johannson@pokeshot-smz.comAbout Pokeshot///SMZThe team behind Multi-Language Content and Automat-edTranslation has more than 6 years of developmentand business consulting experience with Jive and 16years of experience in building collaborative solu-tions.For more information on any of our productsor services please visit us on the Web at:www.pokeshot-smz.comAre these use cases not applicableto your company?Translation Management offersmuch more.As part of a holistic social business strategy,Pokeshot///SMZ works closely with its clients todevelop custom uses cases for translation man-agementin order to keep pace with the constantlychanging business world.We can support you and your company in thefollowing areas:Analysis of potential: What challenges in yourcompany can be met with translation manage-ment?Development and implementation of targeted usecases for translation managementIntroductory guidance and customization for ourtranslation management solutionCommunity management: How can communitiesthat have different languages be merged?Contact Us