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<ul><li><p>Photo recovery software - </p><p>MiniTool Power Data Recovery Photo recovery software - MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Computer software, or just </p><p>software, is a collection of computer programs and related data that provide the </p><p>instructions telling a computer what to do and how to do it. We can also say software </p><p>refers to one or more computer programs and data held in the storage of the computer for </p><p>some purposes. In other words software is a set of programs, procedures, algorithms and </p><p>its documentation. Program software performs the function of the program it implements, </p><p>either by directly providing instructions to the computer hardware or by serving as input to </p><p>another piece of software. The term was coined to contrast to the old term hardware. In </p><p>contrast to hardware, software is intangible, meaning it "cannot be touched". Software is </p><p>also sometimes used in a more narrow sense, meaning application software only. </p><p>Sometimes the term includes data that has not traditionally been associated with </p><p>computers, such as film, tapes, and records. As for photo recovery, to be specific, I would </p><p>like to recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery. </p><p>--Source from </p><p></p><p>e.html </p><p>MiniTool Power Data Recovery </p><p>Five data recovery modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery: </p><p>1. "Undelete Recovery", which is designed to recover accidentally deleted data, for </p><p>example, the deleted data is usually stored in recycle bin, in case recycle bin is emptied, </p><p>user should adopt this module to recover lost data. </p><p>2. "Damaged Partition Recovery" could recover files from damaged partition or </p><p>formatted partition and yet perform full scan to partition. Whatever partition is formatted, </p><p>damaged, crashed or system is reinstalled, user should employ this module to recover lost </p><p>data; </p><p>3. "Lost Partition Recovery" could recover data from lost or deleted partitions by </p><p>scanning the entire disk and searching partitions ever existed on this disk. </p><p>4. "Digital Media Recovery" could perform digital media recovery, mainly directing at </p><p>video or audio data, such as JPG, GIF, PNG, MP3, WMA, MP4, AVI and ASF, etc; </p><p>5. "CD/DVD Recovery" could recover lost data from CD/DVD and discs like DVD+RW, </p><p>DVD-RAM, HD-DVD-R, HD-DVD-RW, BD-R and BD-RE. </p><p>Recover lost photos with MiniTool Power Data Recovery </p><p>Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery at MiniTool Power Data Recovery Download </p><p>Center and then install it to your computer. </p><p>Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery to meet the following interface: </p><p></p></li><li><p>Select "Digital Media Recovery". </p></li><li><p>Select the partition containing lost photos and click "Full Scan". </p></li><li><p>Last, select all desired photos and click "Save Files" to save them into assigned location. </p><p></p></li></ul>