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  • The best hard disk recovery

    software - MiniTool Power Data

    Recovery Computer, in today's world, is unprecedentedly popular and has been an integral part of

    our lives. However, it also brings problems since the rise of software business. Computer

    data stored primarily on hard disk is becoming increasingly important and user has

    concerned about recovering lost data the most. Accompanying the rapid development of

    software business, data recovery software has also come into existence. Since there are

    large amount of data recovery software on market, how to select an appropriate one

    becomes another painstaking issue for users. To resolve this problem, here an

    excellent hard disk recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is recommended to

    process hard disk recovery.

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    Data protection

    Tips to maintain and manage data in daily life.

    1. Don't perform any unknown operations without a good understanding of them.

    2. Have periodical viruses searching and killing of computer.

    3. Never use unknown software but genuine ones.

    4. Appropriate use of computer, for instance, shut down system before pull the plug.

    Distinct handlings of diverse data loss scenarios to prevent secondary damage of lost or

    damaged data

    1. Scan and kill virus with anti-virus software to protect undamaged files when data is

    damaged due to virus attack.

    2. Never add new data (even data recovery software) to the partition when data is lost due

    to accidental deletion, improper operation or partition formatting.

    3. Never recreate but keep the present mode of partition when partition is lost due to

    system changes.

    MiniTool Power Data Recovery covers five humanized data recovery modules

    Undelete Recovery

    Damaged Partition Recovery

    Lost Partition Recovery

    Digital Media Recovery

    CD/DVD Recovery

    Recover data with the best hard disk recovery software

    Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery at the official

  • website for free and then install it to computer.

    Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery to perform hard disk recovery:

    Select "Damaged Partition Recovery" in the main interface.

  • Select the damaged partition, then we can perform two different operations: firstly, click

    "Open" to check out whether we can find lost data; or secondly, click "Full Scan" to scan

    partition and search files. Here, please click "Full Scan".

  • This interface shows the possible partition status before being damaged, select the

    highest suggested partition (usually the first one) and click "Show Files".

  • Search all needed files directly or by clicking to select "Thumbnail" view method,

    then check all desired files and click "Save Files" to save them to assigned location.