The Top 10 JiveWorld14 Takeaways

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JiveWorld brings together top thought leaders, customer experts, and developers for three days of knowledge sharing and networking. Here are the top 10 takeaways from this year's event.


  • 1. Top 10JiveWorld14TakeawaysConnect.Communicate.Collaborate.

2. What is JiveWorld?JiveWorld brings together top thought leaders,customer experts, and developers for three days ofof all the statsknowledge sharing and networking.21-23CosmopolitanLas VegasOctober1,600+Attendees1,300+Tweets160+Sessions25 Countries Represented512Companies 3. @okgo @AzureAntoinette @asadowskyThis is not atypical, boringconferenceJiveWorld had us rocking with pop-stars, tearing up listening to a world-famouspoet, and on the edge of our seats watching a human-poweredRube Goldberg machine..all by 10 am. 4. BUTit was more than just funand games.Here are the top 10 lessons learned. 5. When companies and people adjust to this perspective,the future of work will no longer be unevenly distributedand people will be free to do their best work. 6. No matter your age, work bettertogetherMillennials were a hot topic.Several speakers at JiveWorldproved there are people withdifferent experiences, talentsand WorkTypes; however, atthe end of the day, we need tofind a way to do our best worktogether. 7. Know your WorkTypeJives vision is to enable the worldto do great work. The WorkTypeFinder is designed to help youunderstand yourself and how youwork bestits a way to identifyhow you best connect,communicate, and collaborate andhow you can work better withothersTake two minutes and findyour WorkType 8. 1. Align community goals with company goals.2. Define processes and policies for the community.3. Identify the content that will populate thecommunity.4. Identify and eliminate adoption barriers.5. Establish ownership over key areas. 9. BenchmarkBenchmarking focuses theconversation with an unbiasedlens to enable you to makeconfident decisions.Heres how to make it happen:1. Identify the behavior you're trying tochange.2. Baseline the old behavior.3. Compare results to historicperformance or other communitiesto know if your changes aresuccessful. 10. 65% of Jive communities are nowon cloud or Jive 7.In the fall cloud release, we have 60%faster page load times.Jive is working toward ZEROdowntime in 2015.70% of current Jive-hosted customerscould move to the cloud with relativeease. 11. Product Innovation is at Jives core Return of Your View Search improvements Improved mobile experience Integration with consumer products(like Google Docs) Data-driven Insights Subscription capabilities Simpler, smarter, more moderndesign 12. At least not when it comes to a newcommunity.Use cases are critical. Heres a template you can use whenbuilding one out: + < doing something in Jive> + Examples: HR is going to blog in Jive to achieve new hire on-boardingexperience satisfaction rate by x%. IT is going to create a knowledge base inJive to achieve reduction in call volumes by x%. 13. Do everything out loud WOL: Work Out Loud =Observable work + narrating work AOL: Ask Out Loud = Reuseawareness + expertise discovery SOL: Shift Out Loud = Openleadership + open innovation LOL: Learn Out Loud = DiscoverySkills (search, browse, filter)Great advice from EliLilly 14. It doesnt end at JiveWorld.Watch videos and highlights, participate in the community,and join us March 2123, 2016 for the next conference.