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An upgrade to usability

1KeynoteMobility: cMobileMicrosoft meets SAPFeeding information: Business ClientSimple & Sexy: Screen PersonasStraightforward and mobile-proof: SAP FioriThe journey of UX2Hans VerreydtSAP UX Technology Expert2cMobile - Ride the Mobile Wave3

Well see many different solutions today about Mobility. SAP Fiori, Microsoft based solutions, and so on! Mobility is something that the past 3 to 4 years is growing extremely fast!We want, together with you, discover how each of you can create new business value by transforming your solutions into mobile solutionsNow, I think that many of you will ask, what is cMobile, because this is about SAP, right? Well, cMobile is our own mobile framework.And I hope that this presentation will explain everything that youll need to now about it!

3Which mobile platform?4SAP Mobile PlatformSAP FioriCustom apps with SAP GatewaycMobileConnectionConnectionBackend diversityOnlineOnlineOfflineOfflineOnly SAPDiverseB2BcMobileLet me first explain very quickly how we position cMobile against other SAP solutions. My colleague, Tom, will go more into detail during the final presentation about this. When working in a B2B scenario, you can have different needs for a mobile platform.Are you using only SAP as an backend, of do you have multiple SAP & non-SAP backend systems.Do you need to work online, or offline, and so onWell, to say this quickly, that for customers, working only with an SAP backend with a workforce of max 100 employees, you can use cMobile.Bus as I sais, Tom will go more in detail about this during the last presentation.4The sales cycle Current situationSales rep loses field time while trying to get information5

No sales toolsIncorrect sales assetsOut of date contentNo offline supportNo offline supportLimited process supportNo sales process supportNo follow-upsUnable to create Quote or OrderUnable to provide discountsNo reportsOut of date informationNo 360 degree view of customerNo checklistMissed items from last meetingNot carrying right product informationCalendar not synchronizedAppointments not synchronizedOverlapping appointmentsA typical sales cycle is longer without mobile apps because the sales rep loses field time while trying to get information.They dont have any proper sales tools, they dont have any offline support, they have limited process support, and so oneYou can see that therere a lot of pain points in this case5The sales cycle The mobile waySolution scenariofor sales representativesIncrease sales productivityAccelerate sales cycleAccess your data anywhere, anytime6Sales toolsOffline supportProduct informationProcess support

With a mobile application, we can support the sales rep with the correct tools!Maybe not all the pain points are tackled in 1 application, but that isnt always needed.

In our example, we can give the sales rep the necessary tools to increase the sales productivity, with the possibility to access their data, anywhere, anytime

Let us show you a small demo!

ksaegekd2401796Business perspectiveBusiness wants mobile apps!

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Redefine process into mobile scenario

7The business wants mobile apps! Theyre already convinced that this would be a big win for the team!They even want to allow employees, to bring their own deviceAnd they want to transform their processes into mobile solutions7IT perspectiveNew devices, what about security?

Native or hybrid apps?

Which mobile platform?

IT rather wouldnt support BYOD.8What about the IT perspective:Working with new devices, that means dealing with security! Always a nightmare! Choosing between native apps, or hybrid apps is always difficult. We dont have a development team that knows all the languagesWorking with a mobile platform, but which?BYOD in our company? That will makes it difficult to have control about everything!8cMobile?ABAP Core

WebDynpro Cockpit

Offline capabilities

Secured communication and storage

Client independent


But the main question of today, what is cMobile?Its our own Mobile Framework, 100% build with SAP technology.It contains an ABAP core, together with a WebDynpro cockpit.It supports offline capabilities, together with a secured communication & storageAnd, its client independent, so that means, that you can build, native, or hybrid applications together with cMobile!

9 Pre-requisitesSAP ABAP System

Possible from SAP NW 7.01

Activation of WebDynpro services


Each platform has its pre-requisites.We need of course an SAP ABAP system, but that is already possible as from NW 7.01! So no upgrade to the latest version is needed!Activation of the Web Dynpro services is required for our 10Architecture11SAP ECCABAP StackSAP Modules



REST Service Communication

When we look at the architecture of this, well see that we can install this in your ABAP stack.Its of course possible to install this on a separate ABAP server to minimize the load on your backend system.In that case, we would use RFC communication between the different systems.11Architecture12SAP ECCABAP StackSAP Modules

SAP WEB ABAPABAP StackCTAC Mobile Framework


RFC CommunicationREST Service Communication

Need Help? MonitoringLookup every communication that has been triggered

Error logging on incoming & outgoing data13

13Questions?CTAC Mobile FrameworkMainly SAP & offline


Built with 100% SAP technologyIts all ABAP!

Still questions about cMobile? Weve in-house expertise, because its our own mobile framework!I want to thank you for listening, and enjoy the rest of the day!14