VMware vCOPs Management Pack for SAP CCMS Overview

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VMware vCOPs Management Pack for SAP CCMS Overview

Text of VMware vCOPs Management Pack for SAP CCMS Overview

  • 2014 Blue Medora LLC All rights reserved

    Blue Medora VMware vCenter Opera3ons Manager Management Pack for SAP CCMS

    Solu%on Overview

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    Produc3on SAP workloads are moving onto VMware

    The value of running SAP on VMware

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    VMware vCenter Opera3ons MP for SAP CCMS - Overview

    Makes available SAP related performance, health, and availability Key Performance Indicators within vC Ops

    Includes out-of-the-box dashboards, supermetrics, metrics, and metrics collecEons for SAP resources

    Comprehensive relaEonship mapping of SAP workloads running on VMware vSphere

    Provides useful info for SAP workloads running on physical environments



    Gain enterprise-wide visibility into SAP workloads

    Greatly reduce troubleshooEng Emes, and simplify security & compliance management

    IntegraEon with between vC Ops and SAP CCMS delivers reduced MTTI & MTTR

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    Why you need the Management Pack for SAP CCMS

    SAP CCMS is SAPs standard monitoring metric facility for monitoring SAP

    environments for both SAPs own monitoring plaJorm as well as 3rd party monitoring soluEons.

    includes performance counters for understanding and evaluaEng the behavior of the SAP processing environment.

    This management pack is the only way to connect SAP to VMware vC Ops. enables VMware vC Ops to ingest SAP-related data for any SAP

    servers in your environment that are exposed via CCMS. provides SAP customers comprehensive visibility and insights into

    the performance, capacity and health of their SAP workloads running on VMware.

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    How it works

    The SAP adapter is an embedded adapter that uses SAP BAPI calls to collect CCMS-based metrics from an SAP server. The SAP adapter has the following features and requirements.

    Requires an SAP adapter instance and SAP resource in vCenter OperaEons Manager. The adapter instance acts as a data collecEon trigger and the SAP resource represents an SAP server

    Uses an aPribute package that you assign to the SAP resource to determine which metrics to collect from the SAP server

    VMware vC Ops



    SAP Adapter

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    How to evaluate the vC Ops MP for SAP CCMS