Why good design and ux matters

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  1. 1. Why good design and UX mattersWith innovative website designs all over the web one better than theother, each having an appeal or feature that attracts you. Attractivedesign is good, but effective design is better. When it comes to aEcommerce website, it takes great planning to execute a design layoutthat is simple, attractive and understandable to the demographic it ismeant to cater to. In the clutter or products images, buttons and bannersa customer is usually overwhelmed with the flood of informationavailable on screen at every moment. In order to create more saleswebsite design is often compromised, leaving the customer with a notvery pleasant shopping experience.Your website is your identity, what your brand stands for, its youre faceto the customer, so you have to bring out your best. Customers today arelooking for the best deals and the most rewarding shopping experiences.A simple and effective layout can boost sales, by ensuring easynavigation and relevant product information. A good website designensures customers to stay longer and view products on your website andreturn more often to browse products or compare prices and makepurchases.A good design caters to all audiences, from the dedicated online shopperwho can navigate their way from start to end with no hassle to the firsttimer who looks all over the screen for the next step. Making a websitethat has a banner popping up at every scroll will leave your customersfrustrated and chances are they leave your site. Making your websitecluttered with badly laid out products can leave customers with anunpleasant experience.
  2. 2. At Ecommerce24 we have on our team highly trained designers with astrong background in web development. Being one of the pioneers ofEcommerce solution providers in India we understand the path of theIndian consumer while shopping online.Our experience in the field has helped us create a wide array of themesavailable and ready to use for your ecommerce website. With themajority of online visitors coming from mobile devices, Ecommercethemes are responsive and mobile device ready. Ensuring a brilliant webexperience on all devices. There are always a select few who want to gooff the conventional route and have an idea which they feel shows offtheir brand in the best way. Ecommerce24 is always ready to assist andbuild these tailor made custom website for your brand and make youronline business idea shine they way youve visualized.