Yjs: A Real-Time Framework for Peer-to-peer Group Editing on Arbitrary Data Types

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<p> 1. http://Learning-Layers-eu 1 2. Real-time collaboration beyond Google Docs Need of a scalable, easy-to-use framework 2 Collaboration Engine 3. Solving conflicts in real-time collaboration Architectures Peer-to-peer Components Collaboration Engine Communication component 3 4. 4 http://y-js.org/examples/ 5. Text Json XML (DOM) But: possible to customize it for arbitrary ones! 5y-js.org/examples 6. XMPP Uses XEP-0045 (Multi-User Chat) Prosody XMPP server WebRTC Uses PeerJS for messaging .. (you can create your own connector) 6 1.var connector = Y.XMPP().join("my-roomname"); y-js.org/examples 7. Similar behavior for other data types 7 1.var y = new Y(connector); //yjs object //add a new property 2.y.val("new_object",a_value); 3.y.val("number",4) 4.y.val() // =&gt; {string:a_value,number:4} y-js.org/examples 8. Real-time collaboration on arbitrary data types P2P message propagation Arbitrary communication protocols XMPP Connector: scalable (&gt;1000 users) WebRTC: fast Easy to use Offline editing (unimplemented) Undo (unimplemented) Try Yjs yourself: https://github.com/rwth-acis/yjs 8 </p>