Baptism Of Phineas Richards

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  • 2. Phineas Richards in his journal says:
  • 3. In April 1837, I left Richmond, Massachusetts, with my son George Spencer Richards, and went to Kirtland, Ohio, in company with Brigham Young and others, to satisfy myself as to the truth of the faith of Mormonism.
  • 4. We arrived in Kirtland on the 10th of May. I went directly to work, (as I took my tools with me for joinering and painting) and kept an eye about me to see what was going on.
  • 5. On the 12th of June, the evening previous to the elders going to England (one of whom was my brother Willard) on their first mission. A few friends met at Heber C Kimball's
  • 6. and in the evening brother Willard said to me, Are you ready to be baptized?
  • 7. I replied, I am as ready as I ever shall be.
  • 8. He made it known to the company; the joy like electricity ran through the room; and in five minutes we were on the way to the water.
  • 9. After the usual ceremonies I was led into the water by Brigham Young, one of the Apostles of the Lamb, and he baptized me.
  • 10. I was confirmed by brothers Hyrum Smith and Don Carlos Smith, on the 26th of June, in the temple of the Lord.
  • 11. About one year later... Under date of June 2 nd , 1838 Phineas says:
  • 12. Having preached the gospel to the inhabitants of Richmond, Massachusetts, on this day I baptized my two sisters, Rhoda Richards and Nancy R. Peirson near my father's house, and on the next day I baptized my eldest son Franklin D Richards.
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