Blessings of salah

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  • 1. Blessings of SalahThis has been extracted from the work of Shaykh-e-arqat, Amr-e-Al-e-Sunnat, Allma Mauln AbuBilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri Razavi , which is entitled Laws of al. For further details,please consult Laws of al. Translated into English by Majlis-e-Tarajim (Dawat-e-Islami)
  • 2. Dua for Reading the BookRead the following Du (supplication) before studyinga religious book or Islamic lesson, ,you will remember whatever you study: Ya Allah !Open the portal of knowledge and wisdom for us, and have mercy on us! O the One who is the most honourable and glorious! (Al-Mustaraf, vol. 1, pp. 40)Note: Recite alt-Alan-Nab once before and after the Du.
  • 3. Transliteration Chart A/a / L/l A/a Z/z M/m B/b X/x N/n P/p S/s V/v, T/t Sh/sh W/w / / / / / Y/y J/j / Y/y Ch / A/a / U/u Kh/kh Gh/gh I/i D/d F/f / / Q/q / / K/k / R/r G/g
  • 4. Contents at a Glance Imn-e-Mufaal. 2 Imn-e-Mujmal... 2 Six Kalimt... 3Blessings of Method of Wu. 8Salah Method of Ghusl 13 Method of Tayammum 15 An... 18 Method of al 24 Method of Funeral al43
  • 5. Blessings of Salah*Excellence of alt-Alan-NabThe Prophet of mankind, the peace of our heart andmind, the most generous and kind said to the one glorifying Allah and reciting alt-Alan- Nab having offered al, Present your supplication,it will be answered; ask (for anything), you will begranted! (Sunan Nas, pp. 220, vol. 1, ad 1281) * This has been extracted from the work of Shaykh-e-arqat, Amr-e-Al-e-Sunnat,Allma Mauln Abu Bilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri Razavi , which is entitled Laws of al. For further details, please consult Laws of al. 1
  • 6. Blessings of alImn-e-Mufaal [Faith in Detail] I believe in Allah ,His Angels, His (revealed) Books, His Prophets , the Day of Judgment and (I believe that) good or bad destiny is from Allah and (I believe that) there will be resurrection after death.Imn-e-Mujmal [Faith in Brief] I solemnly declare my belief in Allah as He is with all His names and attributes, and I have accepted (to obey) 2
  • 7. Blessings of al all His commands by pledging with my tongue and testifying them with my heart.Six Kalimt First Kalima Sanctity There is none worthy of worship except Allah , Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah . Second Kalima Evidence I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah .He is alone and He has no partner 3
  • 8. Blessings of al and I testify that Muhammad is His (Distinguished) Servant and His Prophet. Third Kalima Glory of Allah Glory be to Allah and all praise be to Allah and ,and Allahthere is none worthy of worship except Allah is great and there is no power to keep away from sins and no ability to do good but from Allah who is the greatest. 4
  • 9. Blessings of al Fourth Kalima Oneness of Allah There is none worthy of worship but Allah .He is alone.He has no partners. All Kingship is for Him and all praise is for Him. He gives life and He gives death. He is alive; death will never come to him. The great and the glorified One; in His hand is goodness and He has power over everything. 5
  • 10. Blessings of al Fifth Kalima Repentance O my Rab I seek forgiveness from you for all the sins I have committed knowingly or unknowingly, openly or secretly and I repent of the sins that I am aware of and the sins that I am unaware of, for you are the knower of all the Ghuyb (unseen) and Sattr (Coverer) of all the faults and forgiver of all sins, and there is no strength and power except that of Allah ,the Almighty and the Greatest. 6
  • 11. Blessings of al Sixth Kalima Refutation of Disbelief O Allah I seek Your refuge from associating anything with you knowingly, and I seek forgiveness from You for (shirk) that I do not know. I have repented from it and I have detested disbelief, idolatry, telling lie, backbiting, bad innovations, tale-telling, indecency, accusations and all the sins. I embrace Islam and say there is none worthy of worship