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Learn about how God has called us to move from Ohio to Oahu to reach and disciples college students.

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  • 1. Called to Hawaii Our journey from Ohio to Oahu

2. Our Family Greg, Emily, Nora & Burke 3. University of Hawaii In 2006, The Navigators leadership made a commitment to start 10 new ministries on ethnically diverse campuses in the United States. University of Hawaii was on the top of that list. 4. Leaving Ohio will be difficult Our kids were born in Ohio We must leave most our 'stuff' behind Our extended family live within a 5 hr. drive We have deep friendships here 5. From Ohio to Oahu It wasn't our idea to move to Hawaii but when we learned about the great need and the strategic nature of reaching such a diverse group of students our hearts were moved to pray about whether God is indeed calling us to go. We prayed and God said "Yes!" 6. Our Vision for Hawaii We believe that reaching and discipling students at the University of Hawaii is a strategic way to make disciples of all nations! Our desire is to raise up lifetime laborers at UH who will advance the gospel all over the world to help fulfill Christ's Great Commission. 7. Hawaii: Paradise Lost Only 40 percent claim to be Christians Vast majority of people are secular More culturally, ethnically and racially diverse than any other state in America 8. Our Vision for Hawaii Restart a thriving, reproducing ministry at the University of Hawaii in Manoa Using UH as a hub, start other collegiate ministries across Hawaii Recruit and train locals to lead ministries 9. Isaiah 55:4-5 See, I have made him a witness to the peoples, a leader and commander of the peoples. Surely you will summon nations you know not, and nations that do not know you will hasten to you, because of the LORD your God, the Holy One of Israel, for He has endowed you with splendor. 10. Living By Faith Navigator ministry is supported by the gifts of interested family, friends, and churches. All staff are responsible to raise 100% of the funds needed for ministry. Navigator staff reach full funding by trusting God for financial partners who give regular monthly or annual gifts. 11. Living on Oahu general cost of living is 70% higher than Ohio 1,200 square foot house costs $750,000 moving is extremely expensive because of incredible distance 12. Current Financial Needs Currently, we need $11,450 (was $30,000) for moving and start-up expenses and $1,175 (was $3,000) in new monthly support. And $7,500 to purchase a reliable used car 13. Partnering With Us In order for us to accomplish all that God has for us in Hawaii we need to be fully funded. To be fully funded we need MINISTRY PARTNERS who can give $75-$300 a month and a few CHAMPIONS who can give $5,000- $15,000 annually. 14. Would you ask God if He is calling you to partner with us in reaching the nations through the University of Hawaii? 15.

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