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  • 1. SCHOOL COUNSELINGin Grades 9 and 10 What is it ALL about ?

2. Mr Ayling (Li-Z) 3. Mr McQueen (A-Lh) 4. However, despite our differences, we bothagree on a few things 5. We bothO Are very excited to work with all of youthis year.O Have our doors open to help you in anyway we canO Look forward to meeting and getting toknow all of you further this year. 6. So youre wondering justwhat do we do? 7. Three Main Areas O AcademicO Personal / SocialO Career (College) 8. Communication? 9. High School CounselingTHIS presentation will beposted here shortly 10. Counseling Passes 11. Whats NEW this year? 12. Student Ambassadors 13. What is an Ambassador?O Similar to a PeerHelperO However, the oldPeer Helpers aretaking on a muchexpanded role thisschool year (not justNew StudentsO Light Blue Shirtsand Silicon Bands!! 14. Co-PresidentsOscar Estrada Henny Kim 15. Whats OLD this year? 16. Bearcat Career Exploration 17. Bearcat Career Experience 18. Bearcat Career Experience 19. Bearcat Career Experience 20. G-TalksO A monthly student leddiscussion on issuesthat matter to youO Monday advisoryperiod (sometimesWed. assembly time)O A chance to discussconcerns and developstrategies to helpeach other 21. G-Talkstalk about what?O How can you adjust successfully tochanges in your life?O Should you become what your parentswant you to become?O How can I better organize myself?O What strategies are there to successfullymaintain relationshipsO How can I successfully handle peerpressure? 22. G-Talksto be successful? O Your enthusiasm to contribute to discussion O Your willingness to share your valuable insight O Your desire to let us know the issues you feel you need to discuss O Your ability to build trusting relationships in your homeroom (valuing all opinions) 23. C+B-CB-AC-Successful Year 101Success means different things to different people 24. Balance 25. Yin & Yang 26. What can you do?O to maintainbalance in youracademic andpersonal lives inorder to have asuccessful year?O 5 simple things 27. Take care of your healthOrganize/PrioritizeKeep your extra-curriculars manageable Communicate with your parents/teachers/friendsWork Hard, Play Hard 28. Dont forget yourStudent Ambassadors! 29. and dont forget yourcounselorsStarsky & Hutch 30. Whats coming up? 31. Semester 1New student call ins Grade 9 call ins Classroom visitsNaviance introLearning Inventory Personality TestPlus more! 32. Contacting us?Mr. McQueen (A Lh) Mr. Ayling (Li Z)O HS Counseling (1062) O HS Counseling (1062)O Room 1060O Room 1059O mcqueend@ismanila.or O aylings@ismanila.orggO 840-8657O 840-8664 O Or preferablyjustO Or preferablyjust drop by drop by 33. Something to reflect on in terms of you and your school year O Ive learned that people will forget what youve said, people will forget about what you did, but O people WILL NEVER FORGET how you made them FEEL. O (Maya Angelou, American Poet) 34. Lets have a GREAT year!BALANCEAnd remember