Do you want to balance and energise your life?

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The true purpose of Peaceful Harmony is to help you find peace and harmony in your heart no matter what is troubling you or going on around you. Where it is often impossible to change the people or the world around us, it is possible to become calm and still within, given the right support and help. As a fully qualified Bereavement Counsellor, I specialise in supporting you to work through any anxiety, stress, illness or sadness you may be experiencing or helping you if have lost someone or something dear to you. My key focus as a Wellbeing Counsellor is to help you achieve a peaceful and harmonious way of being.

Text of Do you want to balance and energise your life?

  • 1. Peaceful HarmonyHelping you balance and energise your life
  • 2. Helping you Balance and Energise Your Life Wellbeing Counsellor Bereavement Counsellor Pet Bereavement Counsellor Reiki Healing Master Recover your health Come to terms with your loss Feel more relaxed and at peace A greater sense of well-being
  • 3. My journey started here Sri Lanka in the northern Indian Ocean off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent in South AsiaThe Sacred Heart Convent In Sri Lanka
  • 4. Wellbeing | Reiki | Pet Bereavement If you have lost someone dear to you or you suffer from anxiety and stress If you are out of balance low on energy or dealing with an illness or long term injury If you have lost a dear pet who was a close companion or family friend
  • 5. Wellbeing & Bereavement Counselling Why a WellBeing Practitioner Member of Association of Counsellor? Holistic & Complementary Practitioners Associate Member of Associated Stress Listening attentively Consultants Providing comfort Professional Certificate of Merit in Basic Counselling Skills & Diploma in Advanced Helping people Counselling Skills Being a friend Professional Certificate of Merit in Bereavement Counselling & Therapy Professional Certificate of Merit in Couple Legal Secretary Counselling Counselling qualifications Professional Certificate of Merit in Family Therapy Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Consultancy & Peaceful Harmony in Therapy September 2006 Emotional Freedom Technique Levels 1 & 2
  • 6. Reiki Healing Why a Reiki Healing Master?Natural healing process Quality valuesRelives stress & anxiety Complimentary to counselling Reiki Master Reiki AssociationUsui system of Spiritual Healing
  • 7. Pet Bereavement Counselling Why a Pet Bereavement Counsellor?My friends pet budgie had died.It wasnt just a budgie itwas in fact her best friend and companion.I helped her come to terms with her loss.
  • 8. Why Wellbeing Counselling? Bereavement | Grief | Loss | Anxiety Losing a partner or relative Losing a close friend Break up of marriage and children Loss of sight, smell or hearing Illness Carers Redundancy and job loss Losing your business Living in an area of crime
  • 9. Why Reiki Healing? Gentle | Powerful | Comfort | Relief Anxiety, stress and inabalance Loss, grief and bereavement Eating disorders and depression Relationship and work related issues Overworking and business pressures Lack of confidence and self esteem Lack of motivation and energy Lack of exercise and weight issues Self growth and healing
  • 10. Why Pet Bereavement Counselling? Loss | Grief | Loneliness | Guilt Companion and friend Talked to them the time Took them for walks for regular exercise Played with your children Understood how you felt Always there for you Made you laugh Comforted you
  • 11. Counselling & Healing Sessions Support | Friendship | Treatment | Counselling Listening attentively Listening with empathy Respecting confidentially Never judging anyone Helping you to let go Helping to complete unfinished business Helping to achieve the life you want
  • 12. As long as it takes My passion is to provide as much support as needed for as long as it takes and that might not be very long at all! You have come to terms with your loss You can cope with the way you feel You feel you are able to move on with your life Your life is more in balance and you feel energised You have let go with love and peace! If you know anyone who is suffering or in pain,ask them to call me today or send me an email I am here to help
  • 13. Thank you! 01905 672180