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How indianised is culture in bollywood movies

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culture in bollywood movies has both darker and good sides.

Text of How indianised is culture in bollywood movies

  • 2. Does Bollywood reflect Indian society? Indian society is very hierarchical. it is not so simple for barriers between people with different backgrounds who love each other to be overcome as in the movies.
  • 3. Bollywood polluting Indian culture by degrading women Bollywood is a cancer. While rape is never encouraged in movies, eve-teasing seems to have Bollywoods blessing.
  • 4. Dil Hai Hindustani Mera Joota hai Japani, Yeh patloon Englishtani, Sar par lal topi Russi Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani.
  • 5. Bollywood Music Before In late 90s all songs were sung in hindi language only. Sitar, tabla, bansuri were only used to compose the song. After Nowadays they have been replaced by english songs. Every song is incomplete without giving a western touch to it.
  • 6. Lyrics had a true meaning of every in song Indian classical music like qawwali, bhangra, ghazals and dance forms were the essentials of old bollywood movies. Most of the songs arent related with the story and also most of them dont have any meaning. Now they take elements of rap, hip hop, techno beats and fuse them together to compose the song.
  • 7. IMPACT OF WESTERN CULTURE ON BOLLYWOOD MOVIES Western culture has brought too many changes on bollywood movies. For instance, movies in 80s used to show decent scenes between actor and actress, but todays bollywood movie shows intimate scenes between an actor and an actress which gives bad impact on todays generation.
  • 8. DRESSING IN 80s In 80s bollywood actress were given respect and so they were made to wear sarees to show Indian culture. It is truly said that a women looks beautiful in traditional Indian attire like sarees and ghagracholi.
  • 9. DRESSING IN 2014 Nowadays actress in bollywood are made to wear clothes with huge cuts and sleeves and body exposed clothes. Actors of todays generation are so bold and passionate about their work that they can do anything to fulfill their dreams.
  • 10. Bollywood Stories The old bollywood films presented the original and real culture of India. In old films the backdrop of any scene or song was a location form our country where as in some latest movies they are either shot in foreign land or some parts are. Where presence of our rich culture is absent.
  • 11. Now a days there is some sort of trend in bollywood movies where the hero is surrounded by 50-60 enemies and he defeats them all which even a highly trained black belt cant do and hero doing some special effects stunts. These all our brainless young supper heroes try and land up in hospital. There is also a lot of vulgarity in movies and no meaning to the film. Due to modernization and western culture there is a great loss of Indian culture in bollywood movies.
  • 12. Portrait Of Women In Bollywood Bollywood Films Negative Impact on Portrayal of Women Bollywood films need drama,conflicts and masala stuff to engage Audience. A mentally ill vamp Naturured women is the most power full character for the purpose Jealousy , Stalking, such type of character are more picturised on Women
  • 13. Bollywood Films Positive Impact on Portrayal of Women India Makes more films than hollywood Bolywood features Strong Message reinforcing traditional principle such as family value acceptance by society. A Women character is one of the major Role in hindi Films.
  • 14. An ideal mother in bollywood An ideal mother in bollywood An ideal Sister in bollywood An ideal Daughter in law in bollywood
  • 15. TO SUM UP WITH. "To swim in the waters of tradition is healthy but to sink in them is suicide." Bollywood tries to show how to swim in the waters of both tradition and modernity.

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