How to keep yourself happy

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Sad or depressed? Learn the rules and secrets to a happy life and say goodbye to grief :)


  • 1. How to Keep Yourself Happy !!
  • 2. Rules To Happiness Before knowing the secrets keep the following principles in your mind1. This world is not a perfect place to live in.2. Givers are always the winners.3. Success lies in hard work.
  • 3. Rules To Happiness (Contd..)4. Majority of people want to be takers and leading an unhappy life.5. Right path seems difficult but actually gives you peace of mind and success.6. God helps those who are fair to his creature.
  • 4. Rules To Happiness (Contd..)7. Road to success does not support shortcuts.8. Purity of emotions is the essence of happiness9. Every wrong doing that you will do to others disturbs your mind the most.
  • 5. Rules To Happiness (Contd..)10. Ultimate happiness lies in heaven so doing good deeds in this world will take us to the perfect world of heaven.
  • 6. Lets LearnTop 24 Secrets of Happiness
  • 7. Top 24 Secrets of Happiness1. Be grateful to God for what you have as God gives more to those who thank him2. Be honest and always speak the truth3. Exercise daily and eat balanced diet.
  • 8. Top 24 Secrets of Happiness3. Always look at the positive side of the situation.4. Learn the art to live among people. Dont isolate yourself. Loneliness will snatch you there.5. Always be fair in your relationship and try to be at the giving side
  • 9. Top 24 Secrets of Happiness6. Patience is the key to success7. Forgive everyone before sleeping and pray to God for easier life8. Say goodbye to hatred. It is simply destroying your mind
  • 10. Top 24 Secrets of Happiness9. Be good to those who are bad to you. Soon theyll give up and your goodness will make them your friend10. Dont think you can not survive without lies.11. Always thank people who are being nice to you
  • 11. Top 24 Secrets of Happiness12. Everyday give some charity. If not money, can be feeding animals and birds.13. Sleep tight14. Control your weight but eat your favorite food once a week without worrying about the number of calories
  • 12. Top 24 Secrets of Happiness15. Talk to your mom and dad everyday16. Everyday, count the number of good deeds youve done and try to improve the number17. Develop your relationship with God and talk to him for 15 minutes each day and share your fears and experiences. It relaxes your soul and body.
  • 13. Top 24 Secrets of Happiness18. Be fair to people for Gods will and always be hopeful that God will reward you somehow for your good attitude.19. When you face a problem, pray to God for the solution of the problem and try your best to sort it out.20. Divert your negative thoughts by keeping yourself busy.
  • 14. Top 24 Secrets of Happiness21. Love your children and kiss them often.22. If you love someone, tell him/her. Every human feels satisfied this way.23. Express your love very often as long as you are dealing with humans. Its their need.24. The best way to achieve happiness is to give it to others.
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