How to make meditation more fun

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  • Top 10 solutions how to make meditation more fun

  • Dont know which meditation method to pick?

  • Here are some


  • 1. Try automatic drawing

  • Take a piece of paper and a pen. Relax your mind and begin slowly moving your pen on the paper, don't analyse it, just keep drawing for 10 minutes. Add some more minutes each time you practise again.

  • 2. Try dynamic meditations

  • You can try dynamic meditations (e.g. Osho kundalini, you can read about it on the Internet), especially if you love dancing or if you get bored quickly while sitting in a meditative pose.

  • 3. Meditate while eating

  • Just concentrate on the taste in your mouth while youre eating. Don't make any evaluations to the taste (good or bad, sweet or spicy), just feel it. After some time of such practice, all food will taste like it tasted in your childhood.

  • 4. Sing

  • Try to sing one of your favourite songs while meditating. It doesn't necessarily need to be something religious that people usually use for meditation. If you love David Bowie, for example, you can sing Heroes and it will give you just the same effect.

  • 5. Try meditation on the go

  • You can meditate while driving, walking or doing anything else. Just keep your back straight and concentrate on some object/objects like people around, sounds you hear, your breath, etc. It really works and no one will even understand that you are meditating.

  • 6. Try OM

  • OM means orgasmic meditation. You can try practising it if you want a better sexual life for you and your partner. Find more information about it on the Internet.

  • 7. Try meditation in the shower

  • Even if you are too busy, it won't take any extra minute from you as you take a shower every day anyway. Just concentrate on the feel of the water upon your skin and imagine it washing away all your negative thoughts and fears.

  • 8. Try transcendental meditation

  • It's a very fashionable method of meditation nowadays that many people and even celebrities (Moby, David Lynch, Paul McCartney) like. Read more about it on the Internet.

  • 9. Meditate for lucid dreams

  • Meditate before sleep (you can do it right in your bad) and while doing this think to yourself "I will be conscious while sleeping". In some time of practice, it will work and you will see the most beautiful dreams ever.

  • 10. Try every method for a minute

  • Try each method of meditation you are interested in for a minute or two and choose the one that you like the most today.

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