Hungarian traditions

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  • 1. Hungarian traditions

2. Bus walkThe bus people wear traditional clothes atcarneval time. According to tradition they chaseaway the winter. 3. Kisze dollThe Kisze doll is burnt when winter is over andspring is coming. 4. Sprinkle on easter mondayThe men sprinkle the women on easter Mondaymorning. The women give men easter eggs. 5. Easter eggWomen dye and paint easter eggs 6. Reaper HolidayIt is a holiday when the harvest is being finished. 7. Reaper wreathTraditionally, it was given to the land owner as a present 8. Lucas chairIt is on Lucas day. That day is a day of witches. Chairs are made by people at that time. Lucas day is 13th December. 9. Play BetlehemThe people tell Jesus Christs birth story. 10. Szaloncukor (Xmas candy)Some marzipan covered with chocolate. We use itfor decorating the Xmas tree. 11. BejgliIt is a traditional Hungarian cake that we eat atChristmas. It is filled with nut or poppy seeds.