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2. FROMTHE EDITORMUFON UFOJOURNAL103OldtowneRd.Seguin, Texas 78155Dennis Wlliam HauckEditorWalter H.AndrusDirector of MUFONJoseph M. BrillEditorial AssistantMark ChesneyAssociate EditorRecently I was in LosAngeles conferring withMurry Weisman, producerof Columbia Pictures new20-million dollar UFO film"Close Encounter of theThird Kind". I was veryimpressed with the efforts"being taken to insure theaccuracy and scientifichandling of this motionpicture, to which Dr. Hy-nek is serving as tech-nical advisor.I cannot help "but won-der what effect the filmwill have on ufology whenit appears next December.It will certainly thrusta new image of ufology toa public accustomed to late-night-TV flying saucergenre; yet it cannot helpbut to provide a shot inthe arm to the so-calledUFO Industry. I foreseea "Jaws" phenomenon witheveryone jumping on theband wagon. In fact, HalRoach Productions has anew film entitled "AlienEncounter" coming out inJune, and Columbia Pictureshas already initiated legalaction against them. AllI can say is caveat emptor!In this issueRev. Dr. Barry Downing _Religion and UFOs R E D O B J ECT H O V E R S B E H I N D H I G H W A Y O V E R P A S S 3BY L A W R E N C E L A C E YAnnDruHel R E P O R T FROM SWEDEN 5California ReportB Y B E R T I L S O D E R Q U I S TLucius Parish ^ UFO S I G H T I N G O V E R PALO ALTO 6Books/Periodicals/History By M | K f M , L L SMarjorieFish - P S Y C H O L O G I C A L A S P E C T S OF SOME RECENT C L 0 S E ENCOUNTERS 7Extraterrestrial Life BY K E I T H B A S T E R F I E L D AND BEN WESTStan Gordon CAL I FO RN I A S I G HT I NG 10Creatures S UFOs B Y M I K E M I L L SR E D D I S H - O R A N G E U F O SPOTTED 1 11ichardH". BY B I L L S L A U G H T E RAssociate EditorF O R E IGN N E T W O R K 1 1Mark Herbstritt I By R 1 C H A R D HALLAstronomy , , _. IN OTHERS W O R D S . . . 12Rosetta Holmes BY L U C I U S F A R I S HPromotion/Publicity NEW C L O S E ENCOUNTER C A S E FROM I N D I A N A -.13David A. Schroth BY F R A N C I S R I D G ESt. Louis/Mass Media A NEW LOOK AT THE LODI I N C I D E N T 1*4, u c c k i BY L O R E N G R O S SJohn F. SchuesslerUFOPropulsion R E P O R T FROM I R E L A N D 16BY R I C H A R D HALLA U S T R A L I A N A N D B R I T I S H U F O C O N F E R E N C E S . . . . 1 7Editor/Publishers Emeritus BY R I C H A R D HALL, SOME G O A L S FOR THE NEW Y E A R 18Len StrmgfieldCommentary BY HENRY MCKAYD I R E C T O RS MESSAGE 19BY WALT ANDRUSRECAPPING AND COMMENTING 20n.,m* UFO _ ***** BY"C H A R D H A L LMul UFO Retm* Softin, Tun. ktauiptioo A S T R O N O M Y N O T E S 20il.00 tu tur in U.V; J9.00 toi yur bnifn. Coppifhl R Y M a p K u p D R C x R I T Tl>7(b,MuiuroiWMriLSN,ddmpnt.|.Mi B Y M A R K H E R B S T R I T T* Sttaii. Tun. Mm ondelnerible copia IK IIUFO* Iht eontenta of Ihi MlffON UFO IOUIIIIIU. in daintiincd b, the editor, nd do Fermmion a hereb,innted to quote hwn thb roue gmided not moti than200UFO JOJIM1.10J Odlenu It, Stjuta, TUB 7I1SS. M netmjriljf,pmM,th, ^,1,1pjjjtbn , jattmKt of nunm. Opinteo otdi in quote Inn tba torn proiided notmon thin 200 mnb in quotedol contributor! at theii om, nd do not neunirihf retted ihou otIne ttita, lam nj one utiele, the ittthor dthe utkli b (ing cndit, nd (he tttementthe itilf, oi HUFOII. Wlcln Ait besubmitted toDmim Nillurn Hioct, 114 "CopjriiM 1976 b, MUFOK UFO WUKW, 103 Olotowne 11, Squin, TT b^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_.J Gottlin St, Hmimond, Ind. 46327. induded. 3. Red Object Hovers Behind HighwayOverpass in NebraskaBy Lawrence Lacey (MUFON State Section Director)At 4:30 am December 1,1976,1 was awakened by a callfrom South Sioux City policedispatcher Doug Adams report-ing a UFO observed by 3 boysnearby that morning. I talkedbriefly with David Snyder, 16,and obtained Ihe basic facts. Ilater arranged for an interviewwith all 3 boys at a trailerowned by Dale Snaths motherat Lot 129, Freeway MobilHomes at 2:30 p.m. December3. This included retracing thepath their truck took during thesighting with the 3 boys in mycar. I also had each of them fillout .MUFON UFO SightingQuestionnaire #1 (GeneralCase) and secured a sketch ofwhat each saw., As I have reconstructed theevent, it was essentially asfollows. The 3 boys Dale Spath(21 years, driver), his brother 16and friend David Snyder wereout driving in, Dales pick-uptruck at 2:50 a.m., December 1.They had just passed under the;new 1124 overpass travelingsouth on the entension ofRoundhouse Road, As theyreached the point marked by anX on accompanying mapsketch, where they first had anunobstructed view to the west,just before the road turns, theynoticed an orange light slightlynorth of due west. Followingthe road they rounded the curveand proceeded on west. DaleSpath thought at this point thatthe orange glow nearly filled thespace between the north em-S K E T C H ;OF I NC IDENTbankment .nd the middlesup-port of the new highway 77overpass crossing north-southover both lanes of 1-128 andstill under ^construction. Fromthe Description given by DavidSnyder its apparent size was 4Xthat of the setting sun. 1determined this was reasonablyclose to Dale Spaths descrip-tion, since on initial sightingthey were Vi mile east of theoverpass.:Upon further questioning,Dale thought the glow was from1 to 3 feet off the ground, withthe top somewhat above theroadhead of the overpass. Asthey drove on west, the objecteither moved to the left, nowfilling both halves of the spanon either side of the centercolumn and extending abovethe railing, or the approach ofthe truck could have changedthe viewing perspective so thatit appeared to move, especiallyif it was located 50 or more feetbeyond the overpass.All 3 witnesses described somesort of dark splotches varying innumber from 2 to 7 dependingupon the time of observationand the witness. There was nota definite outline or border orpermanent shape to the blackspots and they seemed tochange shape and location inrelation to the orange glowenclosing them. As can be seenfrom the witnesses drawings,the object is shown extending avariable distances above theoverpass, depending again up-on the location* of observers,time and person reporting it.The object also reportedly didnot have a distinct outline atthe top. In the telephone reportDave Snyder said the total timeunder observation was about 2minutes. When they first sawthe light, their car gave a timeof IVi minutes. When they firstsaw the light, their windowswere down, but during theobservation they became fright-ened and rolled them up. The 4. truck had a loud muffler andconsequently theycouldnt haveheard anything even if therehad been any noise. When theyreached the grade cut whereRoundhouse Road again turnssouth, about 250-300 feet fromthe overpass the bank obscuredthe object from their view. Theythought of driving off Round-house Road through the ditchand up on to the new not yetopened 1-128, so they coulddrive right up to the object andunder the overpass, but wereafraid they couldnt make it.They droveon south to the nextintersection then west andnorth h-