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  • 1. NUMBER 115THE MUFON JUNE 1977UFO JOURNALFounded 1967 ^0^ * $1.00^^ OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF MUFON/ MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INCM^B^^M^Photogroph baken October 17, 1973, over ELkhore, West VLrgunLo,

2. MUFON UFOJOURNAL103OldtowneRd.Seguin, Texas 78155DENNIS WILLIAM HAUCKEditorWALTER H. ANDRUSDirector of MUFONPAULCERNY -.Promotion/PublicityREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsANN DRUFFELCalifornia ReportLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryMARJORIE FISHExtraterrestrial LifeRICHARD HALLAssociate EditorMARK HERBSTRITTAstronomyROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesDAVID A. SCHROTHSt. Louis/Mass MediaJOHN F. SCHUESSLERUFO PropulsionNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYEditor/Publishers EmeritusLENSTRINGFIELDCommentaryIk. NORM UFO 10UMML to frtUui M*Ml *f DMMotari UFO Mmt, bpta, Ton SetatripMfcntii:SI.OO tu jui hi U.S.; $5.00 p jui briipi. Copjnfht197Tbi ul UFO Mmt Stun* dm putifi piM SifotB, Tun Mire mMimMt copta ht MUFOIIUFO JOUIML103 OMom Id.,Sipia,TOD 71155.FROM THE EDITORIn view of thecritical articleson computer photoanalysis appearingin this issue, Ifeel a few wordsare in order.First, as anEditor, I believeI have a very real.responsibility topresent both sidesto any controversy.Therefore, whilethis issue mayseem weightedagainst the useof computers inthe analysis ofphotos, the articlesdo serve to help usremember that notechnique is 100#foolproof.Personally, Isee computer analysisof photographs andother scientificapproaches to theUFO problem as off-ering our only hopefor a solution.In this issueN O C T U R N A L UFO P H O T O G R A P H E D 3By T h e o d o r e SpicklerA I R C R A F T P I L O T SPOTS UFO 4By Don BerlinerC A L I F O R N I A R E P O R T 53y Ann DruffelUFO O B S E R U E D I N SAN P A B L O 7C O I U P U T E R P H O T O A N A L V S I S 8By R - i c h a rd HallNEIiJ O H I O A B D U C T I O N C A S E 9By Bill J o n e sillUFON-NC T R A I N I N G C O N F E R E N C E 11B y G e o r g e F a i u c e t tA L T E R N A T E R E A L I T I E S .....12B y T h e o d o r e S p i c k l e rI N O T H E R S W O R D S 1 3By L u c i u s P a r i s hNEtlJ H A d l P S H I R E C L O S E E N C O U N T E R 14By R a y m o n d F o m l e r X John OswaldD I R E C T O R S (HESSAGE 19By UJslt A n d r u sR E C A P P I N G AND C O m f i l E N T I N G 20By R i c h a r d HallA S T R O N O m y NOTES 20By m a r k R. HerbstrittThe contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL aredetermined by the editor, and do not necessarilyrepresent the official position of MUFON. Opinionsof contributors are their own, and do not necessarilyreflect those of the editor, the staff, or MUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON or to:Dennis W. Hauck, 114GostlinSt., Hammond, IN 46327Permission Is hereby granted to quote from this Issueprovided not more than 200 words are quoted fromany one article, the author of the article is givencredit, and the statement "Copyright 1977by theMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,Texas" Is included. 3. NOCTURNAL UFOIN WEST VIRGINIA By T h e o d o r e SpiLcklerDate of Sighting: October 17,1973Time of Sighting: 9:15Zone: ESTLocation of Sighting: Elkhore,West Virginia, McDowell CountyNumber of Witnesses: OneName of principal witness: Mr.David BodnerSighting Evaluation: UnkownSignificantPrincipal investigator: TheodoreSpicklerSouthern West Virginia experi-enced a UFO flap during Octoberof 1973 and on Saturday nightOctober 13, seventeen year oldDavid Bodner grandly informedhis parents that he was going togo outside to see a flying saucer.They laughed; he went outside andpromptly saw a nocturnal lightpass overhead that he felt certainwas no ordinary object. His curi-osity thus nurtured he prepared foradditional sightings by loading aPentax 35 mm camera with tri-Xfilm. Five nights later on October17 the UFO returned and we havethe resulting photo to study.The time was around 9:15 p.m.EST, David had just come out of thehouse and while looking at theground caught a glimpse of some-thing quite bright in the sky to thenorthwest. It passed overhead inabout 45 to 60 seconds exhibitinga number of unusual features.A fluttering motion was coupledwith the flashing on and off of theentire object. Its appearance wascuriously lacking in any kind ofsymmetry or reasonable structure.The intensity of the flashing wouldchange on each flash and was com-pared to the light put out by thebanks of floods set up to illuminatea football field at night. He esti-mates that each flash lasted forabout five seconds with threeseconds of blackness in between.The size was described as "huge"and far away: initially the light wasabout half the size of the full moon.The photograph is consistent withthe description of the object madefrom memory by the witness. Onecan see that the object was flut-tering, blinking on and off, andchanging intensity. The object wasalso quite intense as can be inferredby the halation.The photograph was hand heldwith the shutter set at "bulb".The lens was wide open and had afocal length of 50mm. David recallsthat the exposure was about 10 to15seconds long whichsuggests thatsome of the blurring in the thirdand forth set of object images mayhave been due to camera motionJIt is important to emphasize thatthe strange squiggle shape of theobject is not the path of a movinglight on the object but seems tohave been a continuously visibleshape. Since the camera wasfocused on infinity we can estimatethe angular size of the object. Itsimage was about 3 mm on the nega-tive which suggests that it sub-tended an angle of about 3Vi degreefrom the camera. To play with thisfurther, it would take an object 120feet in diameter at a distance of2,000 feet to meet the requiredangle.If any aspect of this case promptsme to consider it as unknown andsignificant it is that a very similarobject was photographed on thevery same night by a gentlemen inColumbus, Ohio. A weak copy ofthis picture can be found on pagefour of the Flying Saucer ReviewVolume 19, no. 6 Nov.-Dec. 1973.Ken Chamberlain is the reportedsource of the photograph and appar-ently worked for the ColumbusDispatch. Mary Borders of thephotographic department for thatnewspaper informed me that the(Continued on page 7)3 4. Aircraft Pilot SpotsObject Over ColumbiaLearning to fly a small airplanein the mountainous territory nearBogota, Colombia, is challengeenough for most people. But whenthe natural hazards are supple-mented by the presence of a large,unknown flying machine, it has tobe most disconcerting.For 22-year old student pilotManuel Jose Lopez Ojeda, theexperience of May 5, 1977, was asclose to catastrophic as he canreasonably be expected to en-counter in a normal life. For 55minutes, he was totally out of con-trol of the situation, as first his air-plane failed to respond to move-ments of its controls, and then hiseyesight faded to almost nothing.That there would be no permanentdamage either to the pilot or theairplane was far from obvious dur-ing the experience.Ojeda took off at 9:15a.m. for aroutine solo training flight abovethe 8,500 mountains north ofBogota, in a little 100 hp Cessna150. An hour later, as he was prac-ticing steep turns near the town ofTabio, he noticed that all thegauges on his insturment panelwere reading either zero, or in thedanger zone. Ashe later told veter-an Colombian commercial pilotRudy Faccini:"I started looking for a field tomake a forced landing. But when Istarted looking down on my rightside, I saw a huge vehicleamachinewas a few feet below me,and at times he would come rightbelow the aircraft. And when Itried to straighten the steep turn4in which I was, I found the controlsof the aircraft would not obey. Thewhole aircraft seemed to be lockedinto this machine, or being control-led by somebody else."The young pilot described theUFO: An inverted dish, with a dia-meter of 15-20 meters (50-65 feet)and a thickness of about 3 meters(10 feet). In the top center of thecraft was a red and yellowishfluorescent lamp. "The UFO wouldnot rotateit was stationary. Andwhen it would move, it wouldmovein a straight and horizontal line inquick movements. Doing zig-zag,but straightline movements. (It)was whitesnow whiteI couldntsee any people, and I couldnt seeany was completelysealed."While his airplane was apparent-ly under the control of somethingelse, Ojeda began to realize hisvision was fading. "It was likebeing in a fog...I couldnt distin-guish any objects too far, so Iasked for guidance, to be able toreturn to my base. (Another) air-plane approached my aircraft.By this time, my vision was lostcompletely. I couldnt see any-thing...not the dashboard...!couldnt see outside myairplane."With no vision, and fewer than40 hours of flying experience tofall back on, Ojedawas almost help-less. Atthe time he first noticed hiseyesight was failing, the object wasdeparting, leaving him able to flythe airplane. But without visualcues, there was little he could dobut call for help.Two flight instructors from Bogo-ta came to his rescue, one of themflying as close as he felt safe, andguiding him via voice commands.As recorded by the control tower,the dialogue went partly likethis:"Instructor: OK, noew beginslowly the turn to the left, slowly,slowly, slowly. Turn to the the other side is the left! Left,left, thats right...the left is theother side. To the side by the door.Turn to the side by your door. Doyou hear me?"Pilot: I hear youdistinctly."Instructor: Good, but turn tothe left. Not to your right, but tothe left. Thats it, turn more.Yes,softly, continue turning very softlyvery softly."For what seemed like hours, thiswent on, with the instructor tryingdesperately to keep Ojeda frompanicking, while he carefully fedhim orders to keep the plane flyinglevel and to guide it back towardBogota. Once near the BogotaAirport, the problem became one ofgetting him down in one piece.The instructor then flew in front ofOjedas airplane, hoping the youngman could see enough to followhim donw.Twice during the attempted land-ings, Ojeda almost flew int