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I am not a billionaire in the material sense nor am I a business entrepreneur. But I can coin a new concept for myself; that of a Spiritual Entrepreneur. I am one of the richest man in the spiritual sense. My search is over!Discovering a simplified path called Kukikan for the health, happiness and peace of every individual on this planet. All the available processes in the world can be simplified to three essential components called Tao of 3 Rings.I offer you the priceless franchisee through this knowledge and experience, where each one is the master of ones own health, happiness and peace.Sensei Kuki

Education : Psychology Major from Mumbai University, India.Movie Star : Worked with the biggest producers and directors and acted in Hindi Bollywood movies as well as popular TV soaps (Naseeb Na Khel as leading man, A Gujrati remake of Amitabh starrer Majboor, Pratighaat, Buniyaad, Mashaal, etc). After all the stardom, he decided to let it all go, to pursue martial arts and spirituality.Martial Arts : A World Koshiki Karate Champion. Won World Championships & International awards in martial arts and taught over 10,000 students in the age ranging from 5 to 85 years since 1984

About Sensei

Trekker and Traveler : Back packed most parts of Australia (approx 25000 km), trekked in central parts Down Under and climbed the Ayers Rock (one of the biggest and treacherous monolith rocks in the world). Sensei has also trekked some rough terrains in the Indonesian volcanic region and loves to continue going outdoors in local terrain and mountains. Trekking mountains in Bhutan, including the Tigers Nest. Travelled In Nepal, Sweden as well as Norway, besides some of the mountains and forest of India.Personal Guidance/Consultations : Today Sensei Kuki teaches meditative resistance weight training, yogasanas, pranayam (i.e. Training the Body as a Tool to Train the Mind) and other ways to attain health to students at his private studio in India. Guiding people to heal themselves without medication, including severe cases who have been recommended surgeries by top doctors of the country.Profile:


Senseis Journey My search to find answers for many of the mysteries of mind-matter led me to experiment with many prevalent techniques available today. In the process and bargain I trained and went to many extremes, thereby injuring my body in many ways. Once having an anterior cruciate ligament tear of my knee which put me out of action for 8 months. It took 8 months to heal without surgery and medication, but supported by the wisdom of healing. In 1996, I had a right side partial paralysis which the body healed in a weeks time, again without medication.. My lower back vertebrae were popping out (L4-L5 spondylolisthesis); I was asked to do a spinal surgery and was told that I cannot do martial art training or even lift 10 kg weight. But with bringing the body to the right balance I was lifting twice my body weight in three days. Also faced a situation where I had 90-95% blocks in my major arteries of the heart. Had a major myocardial infarction (heart attack), they said I had damaged almost 35% of my cardiac muscle which cannot be repaired. On the 10th day, back from the hospital I stopped all medication. In six months I came back to my normal training schedules and trekking in the mountains. Complete reversal without surgery and medication. Even the damaged muscles recuperated. Sometimes the body healed in a day and sometimes it took months, but I had faith in my body and the natures law. Not blind faith, but faith backed by wisdom, faith in the light of science and medicine.

Path of the Warrior

My mind-body unfolded many answers and taught me the virtues of patience and perseverance. All these situations gave me an opportunity to learn many mysteries within my own mind-breath-body phenomenon. Finding answers at the experiential level, having the wisdom of health and healing as a by-product of liberating one-self. I experimented with various meditation techniques from different traditions including some from vigyan bhairav tantra and zen meditation as taught by the shaolin masters. Learning from some of the best teachers in the world is a blessing. They guided me and taught me The Way of the Warrior. My body is my greatest teacher. Every moment I learn from my body and one must learn to listen to the body. To be healthy, happy and peaceful one has to train the body and use it as a tool to train the mind. I realized that the final home coming is only with The Search Within.As my training progressed further and realizations dawned, one day everything became crystal clear. In that clarity I realized the essence of training can only come through the experience within the body. 'Kukikan' was crystallized in 2007

the Warrior and the War is Within

The heart of Kukikan training is the practice of the balanced path. The balanced path is the practice which must include three parameters.

Body training which must include three essentialsStrengthEnduranceFlexibilityBreath awareness will have three phasesIn-breathPauseOut-breathMind training which must have three parametersMoralityConcentrationWisdom

These three interdependent and interchanging parameters are represented by the three rings in the Kukikan symbol.


One must have strength to hold a stable posture. A stable posture is a pre-requisite for a stable mind.Sensei KukiStrength training is the basis of any physical training in modern times. It is the way to experience Yoga in the 21st century.Sensei Kuki

Trainthe Bodyas a Tool to Train theMind

Sensei Kukis contribution to the world of martial arts has been unforgettable. But besides martial arts, he also has more than 34 years of experience in the field of weight training, yogasanas and other bodyworks. He is one of the first to combine the wonders of martial arts, weight training and meditation.He has taught more than 10,000 people.Sensei has been the guiding light and has helped health seekers reach out beyond the impermanence of physical glamour. His ever inspiring journey has touched and given direction to the lives of over thousands of disciples and travels across Sweden, Norway, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Nepal & India.


Zendo is the place where you practice The Way. The retreat of your mind is within. You carry your Zendo all the time your body. Within the body is the search and the entire experience of your mind.Sensei Kuki


Teaches deeper aspects of meditative processes on Silent Retreats that can last from 1-day, 3-days to 7-days. Offering people the priceless knowledge to become the Masters of their own Health Happiness and Peace. The retreats are about No Gurudom Only Wisdom.He teaches the mantra of No Pain - More Gain as opposed to the norm of No Pain - No Gain. On the same lines Sensei leads Silent Trails in the hills and mountains using the natural element for training the mind body spectrum. His talks and seminars highlight the straight path to experience on various subjects from health to liberation, from spirituality to religion.

SenseiKukisPresentMissionAny spiritual path that includes all three dimensions which is represented by three circles is the complete training for any human being in the world. One can give it any name. If one of the factor is missing then that path is an incomplete path, not leading to Heath, Happiness and Peace.Sensei Kuki


When one attends a Kukikan Retreat one understands the importance and the process of Silence at 3 levels, from gross to subtle.

These are the requisites to experience Silence Physical : Stability, alignment, & IsolationVocal : Ceasing of verbal & internal dialogueMental: Concentration & Removal of mental defilements

Healing happens in Silence . Silence is the inner health; mind is the inner disease, inner disturbance. Silence is the beginning and not the end of the process. In silence one begins to see the reality as it is.

Heal thy self is a healthy self. The body's ability to heal itself is health .

In olden times after a fierce battle a warrior, at the end of the day would Retreat in his camp to rest heal and energize himself to face the next days battle . Living in the 21st century is similar to a battlefield.

At the Kukikan retreat one learns the way to recuperate and heal oneselfto recharge to have clarityto face the stress of daily modern living.


Sensei Kuki has recently published a book calledTao of 3 Rings .

This book unfolds The Tao, meaning The Way ofKukikan- The Search Within. An inner science rooted in ancient wisdom. The journey of mind-breath-body and their interdependent connection.Weight training as a skillful means in 21st century to understand and experience Yoga.Improving strength safely and its application to training for deep meditation.How one can do walking meditation as well as take a spiritual vacation to a gym. And much more.

This is a great gift for any person, who seeks simple guidelines to be healthy, happy and peaceful.

Tao Of 3 Rings

Website : Email : [email protected] Cell : +91 9372479576

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