Surah Yaseen: Word-to-word translation

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Surah Yaseen is called 'heart of the Qur'an'. It would be prudent on our part to read the chapter with understanding. Here, word-to-translation of the Surah Yaseen is given for easy learning and understanding.

Text of Surah Yaseen: Word-to-word translation

  • 1. Compiled by Taken fromDr. Shehnaz Shaikh & For Personal Use Only! Ms. Kausar Khatri 614 how was the end of those who were before them? And they were stronger in power than And they were (were) before them? (of) those who (the) endwas how them. But there is nothing in the heavens and the earth that can escape from Allah.Allah is But not(in) power.than them stronger Indeed, He is the All- Knower, All-Powerful.and not the heavens inthing any that can escape (from) Him45. And if Allah were topunish people for whatthey have earned, Hewould not leave on its All-Powerful. All-Knower, is Indeed, Hethe, the earths) backany creature. But Hegives them respite tillan appointed term. And for whatthe people Allah (were to) punish And if 44when their term comes,then indeed, Allah isAll-Seer of His slaves. creature. anyits backon He would leavenotthey have earned,comesAnd when appointed. a term till He gives them respite ButIn the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the45 All-Seer. of His slaves isAllahthen indeed, their term, Most Merciful. 1. Ya Seen.Surah Yaseen2. By the Wise Quran. the Most Merciful.the Most Gracious,(of) Allah,In (the) name3. Indeed, you are one ofthe Messengers, 4. On a Straight Path. (are) among Indeed, you2the Wise.By the Quran1 Ya Seen. 5.A revelation of the All-Mighty, the Most A revelation4Straight.a PathOn3the Messengers, Merciful, 6.That you may warn a people whosenot a people That you may warn5the Most Merciful,(of) the All-Mighty, forefathers were not warned, so they are heedless. Certainly, 6 (are) they their forefathers, were warned7. Certainly the word has proved true upon most of them, so they believe. (do) notso theymost of them uponthe word(has) proved true do not believe.Surah 35: The Originator (v. 45); Surah 36: Yaseen (v. 1-7) Part - 22 Brought to you

2. Compiled byTaken from Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh & For Personal Use Only! www.emuslim.comMs. Kausar Khatri615 8. Indeed, We have placed iron collars on their necks, and they are up toiron collars,their necks on [We] have placedIndeed, We7their chins, so they are with heads raised up.(are with) heads raised up. so they the chins, (are up) to and they 9. And We have made a barrier before them and behind them and a barrierbefore them And We have made8 covered them, so they do no t see. so theyand We covered them,a barrier.and behind them10. And it is the same to them whether you warn to them And it (is) same9see.(do) not them or do not warn them, they will not believe.not warn them, (do) notorwhether you warn them11. You can only warn him who follows the(him) who you (can) warnOnly10they will believe. Reminder and fears the Most Gracious in the unseen. So give him glad tidings of forgivenessin the unseen.the Most Gracious and fearsthe Reminderfollows and a noble reward.11 noble. and a reward of forgiveness So give him glad tidings 12. Indeed, We give life to the dead, and We record that which theywhat and We record(to) the dead[We] give life [We]Indeed, We have sent before and their footprints and We have enumerated everything in a clear We have enumerated itthing and every and their footprints,they have sent before Register. an example to them And set forth 12clear. a Registerin 13. And set forth to them an example of the companions of the city, when the Messengers the Messengers, came to it when (of) the city,(of the) companions came to it, two (Messengers)to them We sent When 13 14. When We sent to them two (Messengers) but they denied them, with a third, but they denied both of them, so We strengthenedso We strengthened them them with a third, Surah 36: Yaseen (v. 8-14)Part - 22Brought to you by 3. Compiled byTaken from Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh & For Personal Use Only! www.emuslim.comMs. Kausar Khatri616and they said, Indeed,We are Messengers toyou. 14 (are) Messengers. to you Indeed, Weand they said,15. They said, You areonly human beings likelike us,human beings(are) butyou Not They said,us, and the MostGracioushas notrevealed anything. Youare only telling lies.thing.anythe Most Gracioushas revealed and not 16. They said, Our Lord, They said,15lying. (are) butyou Notknows that we are surelyMessengers t o you,(are) surely Messengers, to you that weknowsOur Lord, 17. And we are notresponsible except forthe clear conveyance (ofthe conveyance except (is) on us And not 16the Message).[we] see an evil omenIndeed, weThey said,17 clear.18. They said,Indeed, we consideryou an evil omen. Ifyou do not desist, wesurely, we will stone you,you desist,notIf from you.will surely stone you,and there will surelytouch you a painfulpunishment from us. 18 painful. a punishment from us and surely will touch you 19. They said, Your evilIs it because(be) with you! Your evil omenThey said,omen be with you! Isit because you areadmonished? Nay, youare a transgressing transgressing.(are) a people you Nay,you are admonished?people. (of) the city(the) farthest endfromAnd came1920. And there came aman running from thefarthest end of the city.He said, O my People! FollowO my People!He said,running. a manFollow the Messengers.(do) not(those) whoFollow20the Messengers.21. Follow those who donot ask of you anypayment and they arerightly guided. 21 (are) rightly guided.and theyany payment,ask (of) you Surah 36: Yaseen (v. 15-21) Part - 22Brought to you by 4. Compiled byTaken fromDr. Shehnaz Shaikh & For Personal Use Only! Ms. Kausar Khatri61722. And why should Inot worship the OneWho has created meand to Whomcreated me the One Who I worship (that) not(is) for me And whatand to Whom you willbe returned? 23. Should I take otherIf gods? besides HimShould I take22 you will be returned? gods besides Him? Ifthe Most Graciousintends for me anyharm, their intercession their intercession [from] me will avail not any harm the Most Gracious intends for mewill not avail me at all,nor can they save me. 24. Indeed, I would then then Indeed, I 23 they (can) save me. and not (in) anything, be in a clear error. 25. Indeed, I havebelieved in your Lord, in your Lord,[I] have believed Indeed, I24 error surely would be in so listen to me. 26. It was said, EnterParadise. He said, I I wishHe said, Paradise. Enter It was said,25so listen to me.wish my people knew 27. Of how my Lord hasforgiven me and placedand placed me my Lord me has forgiven Of how 26knewmy peopleme among the honoredones. 28. And We did not send his peopleupon We sent down And not 27 the honored ones. amongdown upon his peopleafter him any host fromthe heaven, nor do Weever send down. (to) send down. were Weand notthe heaven, from host anyafter him29. It was not but oneshout, then behold! Theywere extinguished.They then behold! one a shoutbutit was Not 2830. Alas for the servants!There did not come tothem a Messenger but came to them Not the servants! forAlas 29 (were) extinguished. they used to mock athim. 31. Do they not see howthey see Do not30 mock at him. they didbut Messenger anymany generations Wedestroyed before them?They (those who weredestroyed) will not to them That theythe generations?ofbefore them We destroyed how many return to them. 32. And surely all ofthem will be brought (will be) brought. before Us together, then allAnd surely31 will not return. before Us. 33. And a sign for themis the dead earth. WeWe give it life dead. (is) the earthfor them And a Sign32 give life to it,Surah 36: Yaseen (v. 22-33) Part - 23 Brought to you 5. Compiled by Taken fromDr. Shehnaz Shaikh & For Personal Use Only! Ms. Kausar Khatri 618and We bring forthfrom it grain, and theyeat from it.And We placed33they eat.and from it grain, from it and We bring forth34.And We placedtherein gardens of date-palms and grapevines,and We caused the and We caused to gush forthand grapevines, date-palms ofgardens thereinsprings to gush forthfrom it,35. That they may eatAnd notits fruit. of That they may eat 34the springs,ofin itof its fruit. And theirhandshavenotproduced it. So willthey not be grateful?Glory be35 they be grateful?So will not their hands.made it36.Glory be to theOne Who created all(species) in pairs - whatthe earth grows of what all (in) pairscreated(to) the One Whothe earth grows and ofthemselves, and ofwhat they do notknow.for themAnd a Sign 36they know. notand of what themselves, and of37. And a Sign forthem is the night. Wewithdraw from it the TheyThen behold!the day.from itWe withdraw (is) the Then behold! Theyare in darkness.38. And the sun runs toa term appointed for it. for a term appointedrunsAnd the sun37(are) those in darkness.That is the Decree ofthe All-Mighty, the All-Knowing. And the moon - 38 the All-Knowing. (of) the All-Mighty, (is the) DecreeThat39. And the moon, Wehave ordained for itphases, until it returnslike the old date stalk. the the date stalk, it returns until,phases We have ordained for it 40. It is not permittedfor the sun to overtakethe moon, nor can the and not the moon, it overtakes that for it - is permittedthe sunNot39night outstrip the day,but all are floating inan orbit.40 they are floating. an orbitin but all the day, (can) outstrip the night41. And a Sign for themis that We carried theiroffspring in the ladenship. the shipin their offspring We carried (is) thatfor themAnd a Sign42. And We created forthem the likes of it onwhich they ride. what (the) likes of itfrom for themAnd We created 41laden.43. And if We will, Wecould drown them;then there would be no then notWe could drown them;We will, And if 42they ride.oneSurah 36: Yaseen (v. 34-43)Part - 23Brought to you by 6. Compiled byTaken fromDr. Shehnaz Shaikh & For Personal Use Only! Ms. Kausar Khatri619 to respond to their cry, nor would they be saved,43would be saved, they and not for them, (would