Three reasons why meditation is good for you

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We talk about the main advantages of meditation, and the law of attraction...


<ul><li> 1. You often hear that meditation is the key to success. You often hear from people,especially the top athletes or the topprofessionals in their own industry, say thatwithout a form of meditation, they would not be where they are now.</li></ul> <p> 2. Its seems to be that history has recorded thatthe most successful individuals have hadsome form of meditation or visualization on their side, or some form of meditational exercise, to help them achieve their goals. 3. But why is that?Why do we need to discover this lost art, that the self-help community is so rampantabout, to achieve our goals? And do we have enough time? 4. You see, depression and mental illness has increased over the last few decades.In fact, the most concerning thing is that we live in a very depressed and stressed outworld. 5. And as a result, more and more people are going to see a councillor or a therapist tohave help regarding their mental anxiety or condition, despite being on a planet which is supposed to be technologically and socially advanced. 6. Could it be, that we are working too hard as aspieces? Could it be that we are over exhaustingourselves, that we are taking far too muchaction at work, that we are getting way too stressed out very easily? 7. Is this what is causing the mental health problems? 8. Well, we will never know for sure, but what we do know is that a very good way to help yourself is through the art of meditation.Just 5 minutes before and after going to bed is all you need, thats all it takes. But why is meditation so vital? 9. There are many reasons why meditating is good for you.One of the main reasons is that its actually a very self-healing exercise. And this is why people who do meditate on a regular basis,end up feeling more better with the world. 10. It actually helps resolve, or at least heal old,emotional problems or issues.This is because it helps emotionallydisconnect, to a degree, old memories soyou feel more better about what the past trauma was. 11. Secondly, you dont get too influenced by the past. You are able to have a clearer head and think more appropriately. You get tomake more better, informed decisionsrelating to your issue at hand. You are able to think more clearly and feel more emotionally balanced. 12. Thirdly, you get to interact more peacefully and harmoniously towards other people.So you are not quick to get angry or upset,you are more emotionally calm, and you getto socialize more effectively, so its better all round. 13. But, one of the best advantages, is that it helps with the law of attraction... 14. And youve often heard by the self-help community that meditation helps with thelaw of attraction, because it helps you be ina state which allows you to receive more abundance, and more happiness, withouthaving to take a lot of action.So it helps in so many different ways 15. To find out one really great easy way tomeditate, and to download a free veryspecial recording, go </p>