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Are you into playing golf? If so then this guide will give you 5 ways to enjoy golf more and improve your golf game.


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2. Table Of Contents: - 5 Ways To Enjoy Golf More - 5 Tips on Choosing the Best Golf Sunglasses - A Golf Driver Tip To Remember - Resources 5 Ways To Enjoy Golf More We all love the game of golf, but some times it is just as they say, a good walk spoiled. Here are a few ways to enjoy golf more. 1 Don't play the blue tees. Unless you are at least a 10 handicap or lower, why bother making the golf course even harder than it has to be. If you are shooting in the 90's or triple digits, it makes no sense making a conscious decision to making the course more difficult. Play the white tees and take the extra level of anxiety out of the equation. 2 Improve your lie When you are having a recreational round of golf, there is no way you should be playing the strict rules of golf. The average round of golf would be at least 6 hours at courses all over the world. Golfers would be returning to the tees all day after hitting there first ball out bounds, or searching for every lost ball for 5 minutes. So if we are bending the rules to save time, why not bend them to improve your lie, something you can actually benefit from. Play winter rules all the time. 3. 3. Play different games Instead playing the same match with your buddies, compete in other categories other than score. Some examples would be: Most fairways hit Least amount of 3 putts Most 1 putts 4 If it is your honor, take it. You just birdie the hardest (or easiest) hole on the golf course, it's your tee, you earned it, take it. Challenge yourself to get another one, you will be surprised how often you can have two birdies in a row if you are actually trying to get two birdies in a row. 5 Lower your expectations. If you are a average golfer you play golf twice per week if you're lucky, on top of that, you don't practice as much as you should.. You can't honestly think that your game is not exactly what it should be. Just enjoy the game itself, don't be so hard on yourself when you're not playing well. Even the pros have bad days. 5 Tips on Choosing the Best Golf Sunglasses One thing that is often overlooked by golfers is finding the right pair of golf sunglasses. Finding the best golf sunglasses for you is very important for ensuring optimal vision and achieving your top game. * Polarization - The most important factor in choosing the best golf sunglasses for you should be how much of the suns harmful UV rays they block. Ideally the best golf sunglasses will block out 100% of the UV rays without limiting your vision. Most manufactures will rate how much UV rays they block with a nanometer chart. The higher the nanometer rating the better. * Weight- The second most crucial factor in choosing the best golf sunglasses is the weight. Having a bulky pair of golf sunglasses can shift too much or even fall off when swinging a club, completely distracting your focus. These days there is an abundance of golf sunglasses made out of technologically advanced lightweight materials. The best golf sunglasses should be so light you barely notice them on your face. * Style- This factor may be at the top of the list for some in choosing the best golf sunglasses for them. After all, impressing the drink cart girls with your sense of style is pretty important. Some guys can pull off just about any look, but when shopping for the best golf sunglasses you should try a lot of different models on to make sure you dont choose a style that doesnt work for you. In finding the best golf sunglasses you will want to find which frame type and lens shape fits your face the best. * Price Although some golfers spend enough money to feed a small village on golf gear, obtaining the best golf sunglasses for you doesnt have to break the bank. Surprisingly, some of the best golf sunglasses weve come across are some of the most economically priced. * Where to buy- Typically golfing sunglasses can be overpriced at country club supply shops. 4. A Golf Driver Tip To Remember Every golfer wants to know the best golf driver tip. I hate to disappoint you but there are many great golf driver tips that could be the key to unlocking monster drives for you. Every month the golf magazines have dozens of tips in them, but none of them get to the root of the problem. If I were to get the opportunity to write a golf driver tip for a magazine, Id say something against the norm. Something teaching instructors wouldnt want to hear. Do you want to know what it is? Its not some quick fix, because they never work long-term. The only thing that works long-term is working on you. Your body has a current level of physical ability. I dont care how many balls you hit at the range; how many lessons you take; and what driver youre swinging. Hitting the ball further takes an increase in clubhead speed. Period. So hitting more balls or taking more lessons wont improve this. The only thing that can improve clubhead speed is strengthening your core rotational strength and flexibility. Your core is the engine to your swing. A weak or inflexible core will not give you the results you are looking for. The golf swing a turn back and a turn through. Isnt that about as simple as you can make it? If thats true, why wouldnt you improve your bodys ability to rotate quicker and more powerfully? This is the ticket to longer drives! There are many simple, yet effective core rotational exercises you can do in your home, or even office to greatly improve your clubhead speed and driving distance. Do you want an easy one you can do right in your chair? Cross your arms in front of your chest. Sit up tall and erect. With a fixed head position, rotate to the right and left slowly. See how far you can go. Do this without stopping. As you feel a loosening of the core, start to rotate faster and faster. Do this 20 or 30 times when you think about it and I guarantee youll feel it. Since time is such a valuable commodity, youve got to get creative. Ive put together a complete section of my manual that covers simples stretches and exercises you can do right in your chair in your office. You cant get more convenient than that. I hope I didnt disappoint you with this golf driver tip. 5. If you want more information or would like to share ideas with us, you can like my page on Facebook: - => Golf Players Facebook Page You can also download your FREE copy of our ebook that will guide you on how to play good golf: - => Golf Players Ebook Best Regards, Darren Jardel.