A Legendary Hero

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  • 1. A Legendary Hero .
  • 2. Vedenin Vyacheslav Petrovich Vyacheslav Vedenin (born 1 October 1941) was a Soviet/Russian cross country skier who competed in the late 1960's and early 1970's. He won the 50 km silver at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, then followed with three medals at the 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo with golds in the 30 km and 4 x 10 km, and a bronze in the 50 km.
  • 3. He is not only an outstanding sportsman, he showed himself as a man with strong will who never capitulates and fights up to the victory. On 4 February 1972,V Vedenin , who was only 1.63m tall, won the 30km cross country race when nobody believed in victory because our team was loosing the relay. He did an impossible thing - he left the Norwegian athlete behind and won gold to our country because his motto was Never give up!
  • 4. His countrymen were proud of him and decided to organize a skiing competition in his honor. So Vedenins ski track appeared. This competition has been held since 1989. A lot of sportsmen from all over the region take part in it.
  • 5. It is a remarkable fest in our town. According to tradition V. Vedenin,Tula governor and the head of local administration lead the race. There is a track for everybody : for the young and for the old
  • 6. Happy champions.
  • 7. We admire this great man. He often meets young people at our school and encourages them to go in for skiing and serve the country best as he did.