African Cup of Nations: Who should win ?

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  • African Cup of Nations2008

  • This tournament is held every 2 years. This year, the tournament is being held in Ghana.

  • Ghana is in West Africa.It was formerly called the Gold Coast.The official language is English.

  • The capital city is Accra, which is where the final will be played.

  • Ghana is celebrating its 50th birthday this year.The motto for the games is:Sharing passions at the centre of the earth.The defending champions are EGYPT

  • As with the World Cup, there are a number of groups, each made up of teams who play each other.

    There are 4 groups.

  • Here are the 4 groups.Choose a country and find out a little more about itFind it on the map of Africa you will be given. What countries does it link to in its history ?

  • Who should win the Cup based on statistical information on development ?

    (Could use Gapminder here and identify the countries involved and watch how they have behaved over time

  • Using the spreadsheets that my colleague K. Walters has kindly made available from here

  • Will the nation with the greatest choice of players, the best facilities and the fittest population win the African Cup of Nations?

  • Group A

  • Group B

  • Group C

  • Group D

  • Work through the other matches

  • Who wins ?Now keep track as the competition commences and continues.Will the actual result reflect the statistics.If not, why not ?What factors are not included in your analysis ?


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