Allstate College Football: Marketing Automation: Driving Leads Off the Field

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Presentation on the automated marketing of Allstate's College Football Program, presented by Lally Meck, Senior Account Executive at Octagon, and Nina Patel, Sports Marketing at Allstate.


  • 1. Allstate College Football Marketing Automation: Driving leads off the field OCTAGON 111 East Wacker Drive Chicago, IL 60601 Passion. Engagement. Results.
  • 2. 2 2 Allstate College Football Overview Goals & Objectives Contribute to Marketing IIF Goals (Acquisition and/or Cross Sell) Protect and Enhance the Brand (Increase Consideration and Positive Brand Perception) 71 NCAA Partner Net Schools
  • 3. 3 3 Allstate Tailgate Tour Overview Entering its sixth year as a major sponsor of college football, Allstate continues to demonstrate its commitment to the sport through the Allstate Tailgate Tour as a means to provide Allstate Agents local access to fans in the hopes of generating leads to build their books of business. The Allstate Tailgate Tour includes numerous interactive elements to engage fans and reinforce their positive brand perception of Allstate. At no cost, fans are able to visit the College Football Legacy Museum, design their own team poster, have a souvenir picture taken and enter for a chance to kick a field goal on- field for $1,000.
  • 4. 4 4 Allstate Tailgate Tour Lead Generation Evolution
  • 5. 5 5 Allstate Tailgate Tour Target Market Less of More of
  • 6. 6 6 Allstate 1.0 o Challenge: Generate leads at onsite activations for Agents to build business o Solution: Create branded gazebo stations where Allstate Agents and trained brand ambassadors collect leads via paper and pencil with a co- branded opt-in premium o Learning: Leads go cold after 2 weeks and data entry turn around for large events was to slow. 2007 Allstate Tailgate Tour Legibility and fake names were also an issue. Events 12 Avg. Leads Per Event 159 % Qualified 60% % Above Avg. Sales Rate 68%
  • 7. 7 7 Allstate 2.0 o Challenge: Generate leads at onsite activations and turn around data quickly so leads dont go cold for Agents o Solution: Utilize electronic kiosks for consumers to enter their information via keyboard so a data file is available within 24 hours of the activation o Learning: Very slow throughput and 2008 Allstate Tailgate Tour system does not prevent false information Events 31 Avg. Leads Per Event 313 % Qualified 91% % Above Avg. Sales Rate 214%
  • 8. 8 8 Allstate 2.5 o Challenge: Improve throughput and keep up the quality of leads at onsite activations o Solution: Utilize electronic kiosks and electronic data tablets for consumers to scan or enter their information to ensure a 24 hours turnaround from activation o Learning: Throughput could still be improved to increase quantity of 2009 Allstate Tailgate Tour leads Events 30 Avg. Leads Per Event 498 % Qualified 88% % Above Avg. Sales Rate 254%
  • 9. 9 9 Allstate 3.0 o Challenge: Generate high volumes of qualified leads at onsite activations and continue quick data turnaround to Agents o Solution: Utilize handheld electronic data tablets with ID scanners to pre-populate fields of consumer info so a data file is available within 24 hours of the activation 2010 Allstate Tailgate Tour Use consumer data for an email re- contact strategy to keep leads warm Events 16 and continue product messaging post event Avg. Leads Per Event 510 o Learning: Ensuring Agents follow % Qualified TBD through on leads to generate sales % Above Avg. Sales Rate TBD and maximize investment
  • 10. 10 10 Allstate Tailgate Tour Lead Generation Analysis 2007 2008 2009 2010* Events 12 31 30 16 Avg. Leads Per Event 159 313 498 510 % Qualified 60% 91% 88% TBD % Above Avg. Sales Rate 68% 214% 254% TBD * To date this year
  • 11. 11 11 Allstate Tailgate Tour Lead Life Cycle On-site Event TURN AROUND TIME Consumer fills out Lead form Paper Leads 1 week Electronic Leads 2 -3 days Leads are inputted into data spreadsheet Data spreadsheet sent to Agents for Data spreadsheet sent to Home Office follow up 1 2 days 3 4 days Spreadsheet sent in to measurement team Agents scrub and work leads for the for processing and tracking first 30 days after the event 1 2 days Leads are scrubbed to determine number of qualified leads During the first 30 days, Allstate executes extensive re-contact plan 4 5 days Leads that convert to a policy are then reported after 30, 90, 120 and 180 days post event
  • 12. 12 12 Allstate Tailgate Tour Annual Sales Comparison % Above the Average Sales Rate 300 254% 250 214% 200 150 100 68% 50 0 Sales Rate 2007 2008 2009
  • 13. 13 OTHER CASE STUDIES Sprint, BMW and Home Depot
  • 14. 14 14 Sprint 4G Fast Track Game o Challenge: Increase user involvement with onsite data capture kiosks. o Solution: Octagon developed a game to give NASCAR race fans (at the track) the ability to learn about Sprint and play a game at the same time, to win a prize. o Installed game on kiosk machines at the race. Monitored the results and generate reports for Sprint
  • 15. 15 15 Sprint Dashboard System o Challenge: Track everything thats happening for real-time with all of the Sprint EVO mall programs. o Solution: Development of a web- based data management reporting tool for Sprint to support the EVO mall kiosk program.
  • 16. 16 16 BMW iPad Data Capture o Challenge: Make the data capture process for BMW more elegant and automated. o Solution: Octagon took BMWs paper registration process for and created a customized application that captures customer data. o Octagon set-up of (12) iPads for use during the Ultimate Driving Experience and M Power Tour.
  • 17. 17 17 The Home Depot Facebook Promotions o Challenge: Increase traffic to local Home Depot locations and generate awareness around the event (3 days prior) o Solution: Octagon is assisting in Facebook promotions for (14) College Game Day events. We are targeting users by the following criteria: ex: (Facebook campaign aimed all College students who attend Ohio State) ex: (Facebook campaign aimed at 25-54 year old Males who live in Ohio) ex: (Facebook campaign aimed at anyone who has Ohio State as an interest in their profile and lives in Ohio) Note: Each week, the demographics change.
  • 18. 18 18 Thank You Questions?