Cricket Champs - Presentation for Junior Cricket Clubs

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This presentation is for Australian community junior cricket clubs who are interested in facilitating a program targeting kids with disabilities and special needs.

Text of Cricket Champs - Presentation for Junior Cricket Clubs

  • 1. Introducing

2. What is Cricket Champs? Cricket Champs is a new, completely not for profit program that has been developed in WA and has now been in operation for the last 2 seasons 3. What is Cricket Champs?Its primarily a skills developmentprogram very similar to in2Cricketbut is specifically targeting kidswith varying disabilities and specialneeds aged 6-16 and giving themthe chance to join a communityjunior cricket club just likeeveryone else 4. What is Cricket Champs?Ideally it becomes a steppingstone for some kids to progressthrough to mainstream cricket butequally continues to be a fantasticenvironment for other kids to keepplaying and participating in cricket 5. Why do we need a separate program ?Our research, results andfeedback tells us thatparents of these kids aremuch more comfortableenrolling their kids into aprogram that caters totheir special needs ratherthan straight intomainstream 6. Why do we need a separate program ?Cricket Champs needs to be brandedseparately to catch the attention of thesefamilies so they quickly understand thathey, this something for them and a greatway for their kids to join juniorcommunity cricket clubs likeeveryone else 7. Why do we need a separate program ?Most importantly, in manycases the kids need smallermore intimate groups thana standard in2Cricketprogram. We like to achievea participant to volunteerratio of 1:5 8. Whats in it for cricket and cricket clubs? More kids playing cricket 9. Whats in it for cricket and cricket clubs?More familiesgettinginvolved andsupportingcricket 10. Whats in it for cricket and cricket clubs?Be one of the first sports in Australia toadopt and grow a grass roots sportingprogram for this very important groupwithin our community 11. Whats in it for cricket and cricket clubs?Foster a more inclusive culturewithin your cricket club and thecommunity 12. Just look what our families are saying? The Ardross Junior Cricket Club forCricket Champs, has enabled both my learn skills in a fun environment. Norchildren Jaye and Marc to have themally these skills are being undertaopportunity to which whilst they find it fun, doesnt ken in Occupational Therapy sessionallow them to interact with other chils for both kids,dren and just be kids having fun wit h other kids. The coaches have a lot of patience and pass on the skills to the children in athe Cricket Champs and its association fun-loving way, everyone is includewith the Ardross Junior Cricket Club d. Thanks toCricket. He has fallen in love with the Marc has been able to graduate to sport and enjoys the camaraderie andplaying Juniorsomething that he very rarely gets to acceptance of the other kids and theenjoy when participating in regular coaches, sports.Marc was asked to represent Cricket Champs at a cricket match betweenexcited as that day. I wish to thankWA and NSW. I have never seen Ma Justin Sambell for the time and effo rc so proud andneeds the opportunity to participatrt that he has put in to enable childre e and enjoy a sport.n with specialMany thanksJeanette Barnesby 13. Just look what our families are saying?ricket Champsir child that the Ca sport for theo are looking forany parents whparticipate in.I w ou ld like to say tol for any child totruly wonderfu me has beenProgramme is this cricket programits our son andskills and co-s to finda sport that sud above all his bat & ballalthy fun and It has been difficult for u ma king friends ana ys, its good he rcise, fresh air,g the training dperfect. Hes getting exe lso enjoy attendin nsiderably. I aordination h as improved cod welcoming.warm, kind anctivity for aI find the parents are ingfor a sporting aif you are look this programmely recommend As a parent I would high ecial needs. differing lev el or kind of sp child with anyrp Sarah-Jane Sha 14. Just look what our families are saying?x. Both Ale k et Champslub for Cric though IDear Justin,nio r Cricket C ra mme (even inArdross Jue the progterested o than k you and t in, cr icket befor become inI wanted t of, or inter esey also hav eTanya and no k nowledgea lot o f skills. Th r footy. and N atasha had both learnede sport, afte) and theyer favourit rough you , am acricket nutell s me it is his othalso like, th - Alex now ttch. I would en. The noncricket and a plea sure to wa e childronday wasnce with thel valued e ach Mdpatiedethe kids fe kids facesheir skill an appreciated and mapportunity to The joy in the the coaches for t s muchil dren the oIto thank Callum and proach wagive the ch get older. r eotyped ap salso nice tot he childrenal, non-steave. It wa pecially asjudgement what they h p erience, esey are, not hard to ex for who th ts, as this is n. team sporsopatients. p articipate in programme next seaoll eagues and pe there is a ge to my chodthe messa I will sprea a rt of it and e will be p Res t assured wds Kind Regarvery Andrew Sa 15. What are we trying to achieve ?Unity! Promoting the oneprogram together wellultimately achieve muchmore. I.e. Awareness,uptake and positiveoutcomes for all 16. What are we trying to achieve ?A first of its kind, highlysuccessful andrewarding program thatwe can ALL look back onone day and be veryproud of 17. What are we trying to achieve ?Heaps more kids and familiesplaying and loving cricket 18. Our club is keen to have a go. What are we infor? Year one youll probably have no more than 15 participants. Even if you get just 5thats a great start and a wonderful platform for the following season ( Word spreadsquick ) Someone to do some promotion through local councils, special education schools etc.E.g. newsletter articles, local papers etc but we also do a fair bit through social media andour contacts as well as popping you on the website. Youll need 1 x volunteer per 5 participants which from experiencecome out of the community very easily. Year 10 plus students fromhigh schools make excellent assistants. Youll need 1 or two seniorsto be head coordinators who often come out of thedisability services industry. Generally one of the mums can handle any admin and new enquiries from new families. Registrations are treated like any other player as is the insurance. 19. Our club is keen to have a go. What are we infor? We are working closely with the WACA here inWA and now also Cricket Australia in the hope thatthis will become a Cricket Australia productalongside in2Cricket. For now we are simply spreading the word andgetting a few clubs or more per state to pop theirhands up and have a go just like we have done inthe West. Please help spread the word and send thispresentation off to all of your cricket contacts. 20. Get involved! Come and join Tom and Huss andbecome a Cricket Champs centre today!We are inviting enquiries and expressionsof interest all around Australia right now.Check out our website and thencontact:Justin SambellFounder, Dad, Club President, Coach, 574 938Follow us on Twitter@cricktchamps Like us on Facebook