Cricket equipments and things to know about it

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Cricket Equipments and things to know about itCricket is a fun filled game. It has been played through several centuries. Any kid eventually develops a kick to the sport the moment he spots a cricket bat and a ball. Cricket is also been widely followed with a lot of passion all over the world.</p> <p> However there only 10 test playing nations which represent both One day international formats and test formats. The game is still spreading and adapted by several other countries but still only the above mentioned countries play in the international scene.</p> <p>Test games are played with red cricket balls and white apparels for 5 continuous days with 90 overs to be bowled per day. There are no fielding restrictions or power plays as such. Originally when it first began in international scene test games were played for 6 days. </p> <p>One Day Internationals involves colored clothing with a white cricket ball along with fielding restrictions and power plays. Power plays are a span of 20 overs with fielding restrictions concept. </p> <p>First 10 of every innings are mandatory and only two fielders can be outside the inner 30 yard circle; the remaining 10 are shared by the two teams as fielding power play and batting power play of 5 overs each with maximum of three fielders outside the inner 30 yard circle. </p> <p>In ODIs when a bowler bowls an over stepping no ball, batsman is allowed a free hit in the next ball that is to be bowled and he is not out even if he gets out by various means. However he can be run out during free hit concept. A bowler is allowed to bowl only one bouncer above the shoulder level in an over. These are the basic rules followed in every cricket game.</p> <p>Cricket can be a dangerous sport. People can get severely injured during its course. Balls weigh about 5 and half oz with a cork and a seam of leather and when players get hit it can lead to several injuries. It is the duty of every cricketer to properly protect him when he steps on to the field. </p> <p>The cricket equipments used in the game are bats, balls, pads and gloves (both wicket keeping as well as batting), inner gloves, elbow pads, helmets, thigh guards, chest guards, abdominal guards, shoes with half spikes or full spikes or full rubber studs, elbow and knee caps for fielding (players tend to slide and stop the ball while fielding and bowlers can use knee caps for niggles on his legs), shades for protecting eyes from the sun which allows them to view the ball better on sunny days, Apparels and sweaters, kit bags for carrying everything mentioned above, instruction books, key chains, score books for scoring, watches and clocks for timing, counters for umpires etc. The above mentioned products are pretty critical for protection in all spheres of cricket. </p> <p>All the above mentioned items can be purchased online as well. is one such reliable website which sells all of the above mentioned items. </p> <p>You can make great deals on your purchase as well as get details and buy quality products. They also have wide varieties in terms of brands and models for each and every product to choose from.</p>