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  • 1. Deconstruction of my Digi PackIn this PowerPoint I have deconstructed different elements of my product to show how I have met the conventions of the genre.

2. My Digi Pack My Digi Pack is another of my products which I have showed a continual theme with my Magazine Advert. I have made sure that the Pack meets the needs of my genre and attracts the listeners by the look. Throughout the PowerPoint I have stated why I have chose and completed what I have. 3. Deconstruction 1This is the front cover to my Digi Pack. The design and the layout is muchlike my Magazine advert to show a continual theme but also to meet thegenre conventions. The way the design isnt too confusing and says what it isworks. I have used the same text and graphic and colours like on mymagazine advert to show they are the same. The review from a well knownmusic company will attract the listeners and perhaps want to see them live.The way it is a white sticker works to make it stand out. 4. Deconstruction 2This is the back and part of the front of my Digi Pack. From my research Ihave found that there are things seen through existing products. For thisreason I included a barcode, additional information being the website, track listand a record label. I still used thee same colours that I have sued throughoutand included a graphic of a pulse rate in green that linked through to the frontfor the band name. this shows flow throughout the product. I then on the sideinformation again just included the band name and album name in the simplecolours and the same text. The track names were all about relationshipssimilar to the main video track. 5. Deconstruction 3This is the inside cover of my Digi Pack and for this I have used a picture ofmy band. I took this in the mise-en-scene of outside which allowed me to getgood lighting effects. The actors have allowed me to meet genre expectationsfor example the long hair and the strong female. The picture isnt forced andthe way at which I have edited it makes it look professional but meets thegenre expectations. The inside cover were the CD lies is a collage of pictureswere I have varied the shot type from band members playing, group photos,single shots, them messing on meeting the genre expectations as they arentso serious. 6. OverallLayout:- the layout allowed me toshow something like my MagazineAdvert. I have made the Best Girlin a similar position to themagazine advert. The layout isorganised and there isnt too muchgoing on. Again it fits with thegenre conventions, what you seeis what you get.Visuals:- the visuals are the easyreading of the back and thecontinuation of the graphicsthroughout my products. Theimages allow listeners to see whatband members are like, theimages meet the conventions bythe laid back approach.Copy:- all information thereneeded, i.e. website. Straight tothe point for the listeners. The