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  • 1. The front cover of this digi pack is covered by one image with a strong political message. This could represent a pattern in the songs released on the album and the meaning behind them.
    The back cover of the digi pack has the album track list in the centre in a simple, elegant way which is contrasting to the front cover of the digi pack.
    The way the title has been put across to the audience is big, graffiti like and centre of the digi pack which creates a big statement. The meaning of Viva La Vida is Live Life which is a message put across to the audience in a strong and political manor.
    The colours of the outside of the digi pack is brown which follows through into every section of the digi pack to link all the sections together.

2. The 4 still images shows each member of the band in a natural pose. The colouration of the images makes them look authentic.
The two separate sides relate to each other through the colour as both sides has a dominant colour of the same shade of brown which links the two together.
The disc part is really simple and the text font is quite elegant. I like the way they used the sizing of the text with the important phrases or words such as the band name and the album title is in a larger font than the linking words.
3. When the digi pack cover is set out like this Duffy is looking out of the train window back at the place called Rockferry which is represented by a signpost. This suggests that Duffy is on a journey away from that place and the album track list which is in between the 2 images is about her journey away from Rockferry, so resembles that her album is about a story.
The image of Duffy looking out the window of the train represents a journey which may link to the album tracks.
On this digi pack every section of the cover is different but keeping with the same black and white effect to link all the sections together.
The black and white theme is carried on into the inside as well as the outside to link the full digi pack together. The black and white gives the images more meaning and emotion and look a but old fashioned and Duffy is on an old fashioned train gives a slight hint to what the album tracks are about.
4. The black and white images give a more strong message than if the image where in colouras being part of an audience they can relate more to the image and focus on what is happening in the image rather than the colours.
The inside of the digi pack has images of railway tracks and a close up of Duffy in the centre with a setting of a train station. These images put together in this order as shown can represent that the journey she is on is a long one as she is travelling by train then getting off at the station then getting on another train. Also as the left and the right image are the same it could mean that the journey seems the same every time she catches the next train or maybe she keeps going round in circles.
5. The front cover is quite simple with a dominant image of the 2 people in the band and the band name in the middle of them over the image in quite an interesting way, as the band name MGMT is wrote on vertically.
Both images on the digi pack covers are set on a beach, in like a party atmosphere and interesting costumes. This could represent that the album track list is quite upbeat and fun.
The album track list on the back cover of the digi pack is in the centre at the top of the cover and doesnt take up much space at all. This is because they wanted the audience to be most focussed on the image which they made the most dominant on the back cover to help the audience decipher the possible message that the tracks on the album are quite party like.
6. The inside of MGMTs digi pack is fun and cheeky with the image as the most dominant and this image has not separated by the crease in the middle of the digi pack but is one full image across both sections of the digi pack.
The outside and the inside of the digi pack are contrasting by the colours where as the outside has a more colourful scene with lots of people and the inside has a brown tint to the image with just the band.
The image is cheeky and the people look to be doing something naughty, like sticking paper money onto one and drawing on the other. This could represent the humour and fun personalities of the band which may reflect onto the album tracks.
7. Every section of the digi pack links together by the colours used in the background. If I where to see these sections separately, it would be obvious that all these image go together.
The images on the digi pack link together such as the four images set out on the far left are taken in the same place nearly exactly the same but with subtle differences in each one.
The middle image links because of the colours filmed over the top of the image and that there are 3 people in all of the images shown, which make up the band Muse.
The cover image is contrasting with the rest of the album because of its colourful image, which could resemble the Earth and its difference in culture shown by the coloured shapes .
8. This digi pack cover is so plain and simple with just the album title and a small cartoon image on the front cover. The simple cover represents that the album track list is very simple and possibly a bit cartoon like.
The back cover of the digi pack has the numbered track list and other relevant information on and thats it. This also resembles the simple qualities of the songs on the album.
No one image or text has dominated either the front or back cover of the digi pack which could represent that the songs relate to that in which they are all quite simple and have a balance between music and lyrics or certain instruments.
9. The inside of this digi pack is the plainest you can find with literally nothing on it, no text, no images, just all plain white. This represents what the album track list is about, simple and nothing in particular.