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  • 1. Digi Pack Further Ideas
  • 2. This is the front of Ed Sheerans current album. It is basic and so simple and it has inspired me within developing the digi pack. The simplicity of the whole image is stunning and stands out for being so simple. The orange takes away the boring of the image and this has made me think how simple images can make the biggest effects. The name of the album is situated in the bottom right hand corner of the digi pack. The title has been cleverly made into a symbol + standing for plus. It is also less dominant that the dominant image therefore it must have confidence that the look of the artist is more well known than the artists album title or even his name as his name isnt on the cover of the digi pack which is highly unusual.The colours used are bold and significant to the outlining of the featured artist within theimage. I like the way the sketching of the orange makes the face in the image. Theconnection between the artist two and the buyer is strong as it is a close up of the artist whichgives relationship between the so the buyer is more persuaded to buy off the shelf and enjoythe digi pack. The even stronger bond between the artist and the buyer comes from the eyecontact with the camera. I find that the eye contact will intrigue more ottention fromcustomers.
  • 3. I really like this image of Ed Sheeran and would like to use it as inspiration for my next photo shoot with Lyndon. This image uses the rule of third which is easy on the eyes and I would like to use this rule within making my digi pack. I believe using a close up like this would create a stronger bond between the buyer and the artistas the buyer can see the artist clearer so there will be a better relationship between thetwo. Although this image is not on Ed Sheerans digi pack I still think it would stand outamongst a shelf of digi packs. I like the plain white background of this image as it makesthe artist stand out and the dominant feature within the image. As I have already triedusing multiple striking backgrounds, I am going to try the plain backgrounds in the nextphoto shoot with Lyndon. This will enable me to see which works best and I will be ableto understand how dominant Lyndon is in the image compared to the back ground as hehas to be the main focus. In some of my images I have taken, the background is a moredominant feature than Lyndon so I need to find a balance between the two.
  • 4. This is the current album of the singer Adele. Similarly to Ed sheerans album this also has a close up image of the artist as the front cover of the digi pack, however, in black and white. The black and white resembles the track list of the artists album as it is simple and classic. The sophisticated nature targets the audience which Adele is targeting which is the older teenagers and above. Although the artist in the image is not looking at the camera, the image among the front cover is still powerful and stands out as she the artist is the most dominant feature within the front cover of the digi pack.From looking at the relationship between the buyer and the artist I believe a morepowerful bond is of an image which the eyes are looking directly to the camera. This isso the audience can feel involved with the artist and feel like they know them from justthat image, which is important when selling an album on a shelf full of similar albums.
  • 5. This is the beck cover of Adeles current album of 21. Like the front cover it is black and white and is a close up of the artist, but this time she is looking directly into camera so there is a connection with the buyer. This back cover links with the front cover with the black and white effect which is seen throughout the digi pack. The whole digi pack being this simple and elegant relates to a simple and elegant track list.The layout of the back cover is easy on the eye as it uses the rule of thirds with Adeles face(the main feature of the image) towards the right of the cover and the track list towards theleft. The writing is in white to match the black and white effect of the whole digi pack.The element of fun with this digi pack comes with the text being centred which creates aslight fun side to the artist and possibly the sound track. Also the green colour effect on thealbum title to separate the artist name and the title as there is no space between them. Thenumbers for the track list is also in green which creates more of a colourful digi pack, so itsnot the boring plain black and white digi pack.
  • 6. Here we see the front cover and the back cover of Adeles current album 21. Theimages are extremely important to the digi pack and the way they have been done isvery clever. The direction which Adele is facing in both the images makes the digi packmore intriguing to the buyer. Adele facing both towards the opening of the digi packcreates more of a connection between the artist and her music linked in with the buyer.I would like to incorporate this into the images that I take for my artists digi pack, withhaving the artist in the frame facing the direction of the digi pack opening.