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  • 1. CRISIS ANALYSIS: FIFAPresented By: Ashleigh Fergus

2. FIFA BACKGROUND Fdration Internationale de Football Association [FIFA] is the governing body for global soccer across approximately 209 national sporting associations. In charge of organizing and executing all international soccer tournaments Holds partial responsibility for establishing the rules of international football 3. WHAT IS THE CRISIS? 4. ORGANIZATONAL RESPONSE TO CRISIS FIFA executive committee hosted a two-day meeting. Despite concerns and negative Exposure, Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup. FIFA will not announce plans for a winter World Cup until they can evaluate the situation more carefully. A study will be headed by FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke to investigate stakeholders. 5. MEDIA RESPONSE Concerns regarding construction conditions on projects preparing for Qatar 2022. Qatar is both unfit to host professional athletes the British newspaper The Guardian, published a study that detailed numerous workers rights violations with regards to Nepalese migrant workers. 6. STAKEHOLDERS RESPONSE Largest outcry from member associations regarding the scheduling of a winter World Cup has come from the Australian Football Federation. Chairman Frank Lowry has spent a large amount of his own private fortune on investigators to find some wrongdoing with the way in which FIFA handled the 2022 World Cup bidding process. Numerous other governing bodies have joined Lowrys fight against the perceived unfairness of the Qatari bid, most notably the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). 7. RECOMMENDATIONS European leagues could create a Lego system wherein their leagues could have blocks of games that accommodate a winter World Cup. Blatter must take an immediate human rights interest in the conditions of migrant workers in Qatar Blatter must engage in negotiations with his rival, UEFA President Michel Platini, to ensure the top European club and league executives are placated and will not boycott this World Cup in an ef fort to spite FIFA. 8. THANK YOU