Flickr workshop

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Web 2.0 workshop by Sarah Bromage at Scottish Centre for the Book

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Page 1: Flickr workshop
Page 2: Flickr workshop

Setting up a new Flickr account

Page 3: Flickr workshop

Personalising your profile

Page 4: Flickr workshop

Adding Content

Page 5: Flickr workshop

Creating a Flickr Record

• Adding Tags- creating a catalogue structure

• Description of items- linking to your site

• Creating Sets- imposing structure

• Adding to the Flickr map- benefits of geo-tagging

Page 6: Flickr workshop

Adding Detail

Page 7: Flickr workshop

Links to other Web 2.0 tools

• Google maps• Blogs

• Linking to Internal websites– Flickr Galleries– http://www.pictobrowser.com/– http://flickrslideshow.com