Josh and Dillon's Genre Analysis Project

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Text of Josh and Dillon's Genre Analysis Project

  • The College Football Experience By: Dillon Wilder and Josh Helm
  • Artifacts Scoreboard Team Apparel Signs/ads
  • Where is it used and what is the interaction it accomplishes? It helps fans interact more with the game. It communicates information about the game such as the time left, quarter number, and the score. These are all basic ways to help fans know what is going on. Team apparel is more cultural but it is also social. It is used at all sporting events. People are cheering for the team and specific players through wearing the apparel. Signs are used everywhere but when they are used at college football games it is social and it conveys a message to fans.
  • Who uses the genre and to do what? The scoreboard is used by both fans and players it helps everyone keep up with the time and the score among other things. Apparel is used by fans to basically help them to connect with the team it helps you feel like you are a part of it. Ads and signs are used by the facility to communicate a given message to the attendees.
  • What subject does the genre discuss? The scoreboard discusses the main theme of the game, its good with helping you sort of keep up with the game. Apparel really just emphasizes being a fan of both the game and a specific team. Ads and signs discuss a variety of subjects depending on the message they are trying to convey.
  • What relationships does the genre suggest? The scoreboard suggests a social relationship with the fans by showing a message and the score to the fans. Team apparel suggests a relationship between fans and other fans and also fans and the teams they cheer for. Signs suggest also a social relationship because they project a certain message to fans and spectators.
  • What roles does the genre suggest for participants? The scoreboard gives the score of the game, the time left in the game, and other info that helps you stay involved in the game. Team apparel shows which team you are going for and also it shows other participants whether or not they are on the same side as you. Signs provide advertisement, rules, and directions.
  • What kind of language are used within this situation and genre pieces? Numbers and words are used on a scoreboard. Team apparel has symbols, logos, words, and numbers. Signs/ads have symbols, logos, and words
  • What label would you put on this situation? Its a college football game where a variety of people come to watch there football team go out and perform. The scoreboard helps fans feel more connected. Apparel makes people feel like they are a part of it, and signs help keep the place safe and sanitary.
  • How does the situation shape the genre pieces? In football usually the scoreboard has a video feed to display replays and things like that once again to help the fans stay connected. They are not like that for all sports so thats one way its shaped for football. Apparel is the same for all sports you have shirts hats jerseys and all sorts of things. With signs and ads, the ads you will see here are specific to their sponsors and with signs you will see more signs about safety and sanitation.
  • How do the genres shape the situation? The scoreboard provides info which helps keep everyone into the football game by letting them know what is going on. Team apparel gives fans a way of supporting their team and shows the players that there are fans supporting them. Signs/ads shape the game of football by depicting traditional rules and ads for fans that may not know.
  • What does the genre allow its users to do and what does is not allow them to do? The scoreboard allows fans to understand what's happening in the game. It doesnt allow for fans to see a players statistics. Team apparel allows fans to show their pride. It does not allow them to be on the field with the players. Signs/ads allow for the officials or people in charge to show rules and guidelines to follow while in the stadium. It does not allow people to make their own rules.
  • Whose needs are most/least served by this genre? With the scoreboard the fans needs are most met in how much more connected it helps them be. With apparel its a tie between the fans and the organization. The fans get all the stuff they need to go out and support their team, while the organization makes the money to keep the franchise alive Ads and signs help the franchise keep the fans safe and the stadium looking its best.
  • Does the genre enable its users to represent themselves fully? The scoreboard does not really represent the users that much that I would say so I will go with yes it does if any. With apparel it absolutely does. It helps the fans express themselves by getting a variety of different sports attire. With signs and ads I would say no because sometimes the messages the signs give are restricting and people cannot fully represent themselves.