My Sporty Family

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  • My Sporty Family

    Valeria Makhortova Form 6 A School 12 Penza

  • My family has a lot of sporty traditions. Everybody in my family likes sports and sport games

  • My grandfather is fond of skiing and playing chess. When he was young he was the best in ski-racing and got a gold medal in the chess competition of the Penza Region in 1960. Now we ski in the park in winter all together and my father is the leader.

  • My Granny is keen on swimming and playing ping-pong. So, she usually arranges family competitions and of course she wins!

  • When my father was 6 years old, he wanted to play ice-hockey. He started skating and playing hockey in a yard team. He often scored goals and his team won. Now he doesnt play hockey, but he watches matches it on TV. Sometimes he skates on the skating-rink.

  • My mother is very sporty, too. She jogs in the morning when the weather is good. And she does morning exercises and yoga in nasty weather.

  • As for me, I follow my family sports traditions. I have chosen yu-shy. I go in for it three times a week. I enjoy both, the uniform and competitions. I take part in all of them and often get different prizes. All my family is proud of me! We think sporty and healthy people feel and look good. We believe health is above wealth.