Physically active lifestyles

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  1. 1. Physically Active Lifestyles Unit 2 SAC 2
  2. 2. Physical Activity & Sedentary Behaviour Physical Activity (PA): Any movement of the body produced by skeletal muscles, resulting in energy expenditure Sedentary Behaviour (SB): involves activities requiring little or no movement.
  3. 3. Dimensions of PAType: What the activity is Frequency: How many times per week the activity is undertaken Duration: how long the activity goes for per day or week Intensity: the effort placed into the activity Low: can sing while being active
  4. 11. Type 2 Diabetes Diabetes is a disease that causes high blood- glucose levels People do not produce insulin or it does not work effectively Type 2 Diabetes means the person is insulin resistant
  5. 12. Hypertension High blood pressure Increases risk of developing stroke, heart attack & renal disease
  6. 13. High Cholesterol Cholesterol is a fat-like, waxy substance found in body cells High-density lipoprotein (HDL): carry cholesterol in the blood to the liver to be removed (GOOD) Low-density lipoprotein (LDL): carry most of the cholesterol in the blood but cause fatty deposits on artery walls (BAD) Triglycerides: found in the blood and stored in fat cells, high levels increase risk of heart disease High cholesterol narrows arteries making the heart work harder
  7. 14. Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Describes conditions affecting the heart & blood vessels Includes: stroke, high blood pressure & heart attack