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Shapes around our Town

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This power point presentation is a book with audio about the shapes you might find around your town.

Text of Shapes around our Town

  • 1. Shapes All Around our Town by: Diane Marks

2. I am a circle, watch me turn around. I am not straight and my edges never end. I am 3. I found a circle! 4. I am a triangle. Look at me! Count my sides. Thereare one, two, and three. 5. I found a triangle. This means caution. 6. Rectangle is my name. My four sides are not the same. Two sides are short and two sides are long. I am found in a window 7. I found a rectangle. This way out. 8. A pentagon has five sides. 9. I am a star. Five points make me. Look up high and you will see. 10. Standing proud you will see a shape with five points.What is it? 11. I am a octagon. I have eight sides. I am the shape of a stop sign. 12. I am a diamond I am the shape of a kite. 13. Oval is my name. The circle and I are not the same. Circle is round. I look like an egg. 14. Square is my name. I have four sides that are the same. 15. Shapes are everywhere. You will see. They are in our town everywhere you look. Up and down and all around.Shapes are everywhere!

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